Workers refusing COVID vaccine at Louise-Vachon Residence

Just 20 per cent have agreed to be inoculated, according to reports

Although recent surveys suggest there is a growing sense of trust in the general population for the various vaccines now coming out to prevent COVID-19, there are also signs that a significant number of employees in health care establishments and retirement residences are refusing to be vaccinated.

According to recent news reports, just 20 per cent of workers at the Louise Vachon residence on Saint-Martin Blvd. in Chomedey agreed to be vaccinated, despite the fact the entire staff was prioritized to receive the shot since the beginning of February.

Correlating infections

The health employees’ stance coincides with an uptick in the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections at the residence, which is home to persons with behavioral problems, including autism and intellectual disabilities.

According to reports last week, three residents and an employee have become infected. Questions have been raised since then with the CISSS de Laval as to whether all possible preventive measures were taken.

While the CISSS de Laval insists that all reasonable precautions have been and continue to be taken, the workers’s union maintains that the residents, many of whom have multiple disabilities, are in a particularly high category of risk should they become infected with COVID-19.