Televised documentary series shines spotlight on Urgences-santé

Starting at 8:30 p.m on Thursday August 18, a new documentary series on the TVA specialty channel Moi et Cie will feature 20 paramedics in Laval and Montreal from the Urgences-santé ambulance service.

The twelve-part series entitled Nos paramédics (Our paramedics) gets a behind-the-scenes look at the paramedics profession.

A film crew followed Urgences-santé crews on various calls during their shifts. Episodes underscore the empathy, dedication and passion shown by paramedics every day.

“The series protagonists honour the profession through their words and actions,” said Urgences-santé president and CEO François Charpentier.

“They are worthy representatives of the 1,100 paramedics working for Corporation d’urgences-santé. I hope that Quebecers will be touched by their humanity.”

“The series shows the real work we do every day; the challenges we face, the range of emotions we may feel, and the issues that may arise.,” said Pascale Boies, one of the paramedics followed during the series.

“It also reflects the deep-seated sense of accomplishment that comes from helping those in need.”