Winter makes it more difficult to drive. Snow and sleet can reduce
visibility while driving, and icy and accumulated snow on the ground
can make it more difficult to stop or turn. Because of this, car accidents
increase during the winter months throughout Quebec and Canada.
Obviously, this includes Laval, where dangerous accumulations of snow
and ice on the roadway can make travel hazardous and deadly.

In this modern day, people are very much into going somewhere. They
have the mentality that they always need to move. Sometimes we are
in a hurry or sometimes very busy, but we still have to slow down and
stop some other time. The same idea goes with driving, and the slowing
down helps a lot in different weather conditions like snow, rain, and the
most dangerous of all – ice.

Five lucky young ladies, not older than 23, whose car skidded and
jumped the island on Concorde Boulevard on Sunday morning, January
2nd got off without a scratch. TLN spoke to one of the passengers who
stated that the car simply had a mind of its own and slipped out of control.
Four super girls pushed the car to the other side of Concorde going west
while one was at the wheel. Luckily, no casualties, only a bent tree that
may have saved them from a fatal accident since Concorde is one of the
main arteries in Laval with ongoing traffic day and night.

The Laval Police intervened. They were happy that no one was hurt
and a constable told TLN that he would report the struck tree to La Ville
de Laval. Happy ending for the beginning of 2022

Woman, 40, dies in Laval-des-Rapides apartment fire

A woman in her forties was found dead in an apartment on Copernic Ave. in Laval-des-Rapides last Saturday evening following a fire.

A neighbor of the victim contacted emergency services at around 8:25 p.m., said the Laval Police Department. After the neighbor smelled smoke and didn’t get an answer, he visited the victim’s apartment in a building at 409 Copernic.

Firefighters evacuated the building. Then first responders found the lifeless woman, along with the remains of a fire that was small enough to have not affected other units. While an official investigation got underway last weekend, initial evidence pointed to an accident, according to an LPD official.