RECALL: HYUNDAI issued a recall on the 2016 TUCSON model

On certain vehicles, the secondary hood latch can potentially disengage due to a tolerance build-up between the latch and catch mechanisms. If the vehicle were to be driven with the primary hood latch disengaged, there is a potential that the secondary hood latch may not hold the hood closed as designed while the vehicle is in motion. If this were to occur, it could compromise the driver’s ability to see the road and its users, as well as cause damage to the windshield. These issues could result in a crash causing injury and/or property damage. Correction: Dealers will replace the secondary hood latch catch with a revised component. Note: There would be a visual warning in the instrument cluster to indicate that the primary latch would be disengaged, and for “Limited” and “Ultimate” trim models, there would be an additional audible warning.

(Source: Government of Canada)