Quebec warns about undeclared wheat/gluten/sesame in Laval food company’s herring and cod products

The Quebec ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food supply has issued a warning to persons who are allergic to wheat, gluten or sesame that two food products made by a Laval-based company may contain undeclared amounts of these substances and should be either thrown out or returned to the place of purchase.

The products, which have also been voluntarily recalled by the company, Traiteurs Chictay Lakay, headquartered at 6 des Merisiers St. in Saint-François/ Laval, were on sale up to Oct. 21 at several retail outlets in Laval and Montreal, as well as during the recent Festival Mosaïque de Laval in Saint-François.

The ministry says the products were sold in glass jars and were refrigerated at the time of sale.

The ministry noted that no other problems were encountered with the products in question, and that no reports of allergic reactions associated with the products were reported up to when the ministry issued its statement on Oct. 21.

Name of productFormatLot:
« Chictay Lakay Morue » (cod)VariousUnits sold up to Oct. 21 2022
« Chictay Lakay Hareng » (herring)VariousUnits sold up to Oct. 21 2022