Non compliance will cost you $1000, +administration fees $546=$1546

Easier for police to enforce COVID
restrictions inside private homes

Quebec Premier François Legault says the
negligence of a few means the province has to
crack down on public health rules in red zones in
an effort to curb the rising spread of COVID-19.
“Lives are at stake. We want to keep our children in schools,” Legault said. “We also want
to protect our health network”
Aside from exceptions such as a visiting
caregiver, the premier said people who host
gatherings or parties are violating the law and
the police will be able to issue fines on the spot.
Telephone warrants to enter
private homes

If a homeowner does not comply with when
the police ask to enter the home, he said, officers will be able to obtain a warrant by telephone. He said warrants will be issued quickly,
using a virtual system in collaboration with
the Crown.
He referred to the warrants as “portable,” as
they allow police to act quickly. People who
gather in homes can get fined $1,000 per person.
Protesters must wear masks
He said protestors who refuse to wear masks
will also be fined $1,000 and those portable
warrants will be used if needed.
Legault said all gatherings will be banned, even
outside. Recently, the cap was set at 25 people.
He said that rule no longer applies in red zones.
“Police officers will start by trying to disperse
the gatherings, but if people don’t co-operate,
fines can be given,” he said.
No travelling to other zones
The premier said people from red zones
cannot travel to orange zones to eat in a restaurant. They will face fines if they do.
Legault said restaurants will not be required to
verify residency, but police can issue a ticket if
they catch people dining outside of their region.
Heading to the country
He said people should not travel between
regions to pick up groceries or run similar
errands. Heading off to orange or yellow zones
is acceptable, he said, if people are heading out
to a hunting cabin or something of that nature
but they must bring all their provisions with
Legault made no mention of roadblocks,
something that occurred this spring.
Public Security Minister Geneviève Guilbault
said there is a concern about people going to
other zones to gather, and in that respect, fines
of up to $6,000 are possible.
She said the idea is not to issue as many fines
as possible, but to ensure people are staying
in their zones and decreasing the spread of
For now, elected officials from places like
Charlevoix and Portneuf do not believe that
barriers are necessary to keep people from red
zones, like Montreal and Quebec City, out.
For now, elected officials from places like
Charlevoix and Portneuf do not believe that
roadblocks are necessary to keep out people
from red zones, like Montreal and Quebec City