Mental patient escapes from Cité de la Santé psychiatry ward

The union representing workers at Cité de la Santé reports that a patient who was being held in the psychiatry ward and who had a history of violent acts committed against hospital employees has been missing since the beginning of the month after breaking out and escaping.

Cité de la Santé hospital in eastern Laval.

According to a report by the French-language television outlet TVA Nouvelles, law enforcement officials have been searching for the patient, who managed to break a hospital room window by smashing it with a table that had been bolted to the floor.

The shattered window at the Cité de la Santé’s psychiatric ward. (Photo: Courtesy of Syndicat des travailleurs CSN — CISSS de Laval)

While the union says the patient was known to have assaulted hospital workers on several occasions, the CISSS de Laval which oversees Cité de la Santé cited privacy regulations while declining to furnish further details.

The union maintains that the escaped patient is potentially dangerous.

At the same time, it should be noted that the union, the Syndicat des travailleurs CSN — CISSS de Laval, has been in a dispute with Cité de la Santé management over the safety of employees in the hospital’s psychiatric ward.

The CISSS de Laval recently announced the implementation of some new measures in the psychiatry department, including the upgrading of some windows with stronger security.