CAQ Seniors Minister Marguerite Blais bets her head

Promises more residence spaces – or she’ll be Marie-Antoinette

CAQ Seniors Minister Marguerite Blais bets her head
Quebec Senior Citizens Minister Marguerite Blais.
Martin C. Barry

During her stop at the Riviera Residence for its 60th anniversary, Quebec Senior Citizens’ Minister Marguerite Blais made a pledge that could see her losing her head – symbolically that is – if she is unable to make good on a promise before the next provincial election.

Referring to the fact the provincial government emphasizes home care for seniors, although a small percentage of seniors are living in residences or long-term care facilities, Blais said, “We want to change the model.

“But believe me,” she added. “If I don’t succeed in doing such that in the next three years there are 2,600 new places in 30 senior citizens’ residences, my first name will be Marie-Antoinette.”

Blais served as Minister for Seniors in the Couillard Liberal government, before leaving the PLQ and winning the National Assembly seat for Prévost while running in the 2018 election for the CAQ.

She said the very reason she got into politics in the first place was “to take care of caregivers and seniors.”