LPD assessing its next moves, as ‘magic mushrooms’ dealer ponders opening retail outlet

The Laval Police are reportedly working with the Montreal Police on actions they could be taking in response to an Ontario-based “magic mushroom” retailer’s stated intention to open a store somewhere in the Montreal region over the coming weeks.

FunGuyz (logo seen here) already has nine retail outlets selling magic mushrooms, and hopes to set up at least one somewhere in the Montreal region.

Although the distribution and sale of magic mushrooms, which contain the active hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin, is illegal under the Canadian federal government’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, a dispensary firm from Ontario called FunGuyz has already opened nine locations and is now setting its sites on Montreal.

In a statement issued to CTV Montreal earlier this month, the Montreal Police said it will be working with the Laval Police “to evaluate the various possible intervention scenarios, on our respective territories and in concert.

“Responsible officers will be identified in each of our police departments,” the statement continued.

“We will also be checking with our police partners across the country to see what kind of response has been given to this type of commercial activity.

“We are also evaluating the possibility of meeting with the managers of the establishments in advance to validate their intentions and explain our orientations.”