Laval’s COVID ‘red zone’ status brings new rules to be followed

With the City of Laval now part of the “red” zone decreed by the Quebec government to safeguard against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the CISSS de Laval has issued a reminder of the conditions which the public is now expected to respect for the next 28 days.

  • It is forbidden to invite guests into your home (except for certain exceptions);
  • Private gatherings are forbidden;
  • Organized activities no longer allowed in a public place, including show halls, theatres, cinemas, museums and libraries;
  • Maximum of 25 persons at any time allowed in a place of worship and at funerals;
  • Bars, brasseries, taverns, casinos and restaurants are all closed (except for deliveries and take-outs);
  • No visits at CHSLDs, private retirement residences and intermediary resources (except for humanitarian visits or by caregivers);
  • Travel to orange, yellow or green regions not recommended, with the exception of essential travel.