Laval’s Angela Di Paola launches new self-help book for women

‘That’s Life… Or is it?’ could become an international bestseller, says publisher

When Angela Di Paola wanted to publish her new book, ‘That’s Life… Or is it?: A Woman’s Guide to Discovering Lasting Happiness,’ she also decided that a portion of the sales would be going to Shield of Athena, the Laval- and Montreal-based organization that also has a stake in the well-being of women and their families.

‘Role model,’ says Kamateros

Di Paola, a social worker, self-development coach and Laval-des-Rapides resident, officially launched the book last week with a webcast event, during which Shield of Athena executive-director Melpa Kamateros was among the guests.

“We have to thank Angela for her perseverance and for being a nice role model for other women, because that’s what we all aspire to be: Autonomous, independent and doing what we really want to do,” said Kamateros. “We look forward to reading her book.”

Possible bestseller, says publisher

“Listen, because of what’s happened in the last year and more through the pandemic, people are more anxious, more stressed, more overwhelmed than ever before,” said Gerry Robert, head of Black Card Books which published De Paola’s book.

“And that’s why we feel, and are extremely confident, that this book’s going to become an international bestseller.”

Di Paola suggested the book is just right for the times we now live in. “As people are coming out of COVID and adjusting to their new reality, my book offers simple strategies they can easily implement so that they can have the life they want,” she said

A labour of love

“I help women gain the clarity and mindset needed to achieve goals that matter to them so that they can feel energized, confident and living life on their own terms without fear, overwhelming and guilt. My book has been a labour of love and I am pretty excited with the timing of the launch.

“COVID has been so challenging, and a time of reflection and self evaluation for a lot of us,” she added. “My book doesn’t just offer hope that life can get better, but provides concrete and simple strategies to put all that self reflection to good use.”

Book available

‘That’s Life… Or is it? is available through Amazon and Kindle. The book is also available in paperback in Canada, but not yet in the U.S., although she said they are working on that issue.

And an audiobook version is also expected.

The following professional life coaches, performance coaches, wellness consultants, psychologists, physical therapists and life planners also took part in the book launch: Justin Muniz, Toni Rebic, Rusiana Tjiu, Tamara Liebmann, Georgiana Kovell, Carmen Robles Macy, Tanya Gutierrez and Carol Ketelson.