Laval to continue ‘virtual’ council meetings, with some officials present at city hall

The City of Laval says the upcoming meeting of city council at 7 pm on Tuesday Sept. 1 will take place (as have the past few sessions) in ‘virtual’ mode, with most councillors logging in and interacting on computers from their homes, although a few will be present at city hall.

Due to ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, only a few Laval city councillors will be present at city hall on Sept. 1 for the city council meeting, while most will log in on their computers from home. Photo: Newsfirst

As has been the case since March when the first virtual meeting took place with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Laval residents will be able to follow the meeting online at this web site:

For public question period, questions can be submitted by e-mail, although some answers will only be given by e-mail (rather than by the mayor) if there are too many questions to answer during the meeting.

To ask a question:

Note that at all times the question:

  • must be addressed to the president (official speaker) of the council;
  • must be written in appropriate and respectful language;
  • must concern an issue of public interest and within the jurisdiction of the City of Laval;
  • should be brief and precise (i.e. if a place is referred to, the full address should be provided).