Laval Police seek help on whereabouts of Havre des Îles murder suspect

The Laval Police Department is seeking the help of anyone who can furnish information regarding the comings and goings of a suspect arrested in conjunction with a murder which took place on Havre des Îles Ave. on Île Du Tremblay on Friday Dec. 4.

According to a statement issued by the LPD, the investigators want to know where the suspect was in the days prior to the crime.

Officers from the LPD were called to the scene of the murder on an upper floor of an apartment block at 2525 Havre des Îles Ave.

A person who lives in the building where the incident took place told The Laval News the LPD was on the scene for several days.

“I only found out after the police and ambulance vehicles arrived,” said the resident who preferred not to be identified.

“The investigation unit was here and they were here until last Sunday evening,” he added. “Now [Tuesday] they’re back again, but in a smaller vehicle to finish their invetigation. I guess they had something they needed to complete.”

The resident, who lives on the fourth floor of the building, said he didn’t know the couple living in the apartment where the incident took place, which he said was on the eighth.

The 74-year-old female victim was found lying on the floor lifeless, with various indications on her body that she had been subjected to violence.

Albert Nathaniel, 58, who was identified by the LPD as a co-habitant of the apartment, was placed under arrest and is charged with second degree murder.

He is expected to make a court appearance on Dec. 10.

In the meantime, the LPD says it is also trying to locate a vehicle owned by the murder victim, a white 2009 Dodge Caravan with license plate H28 THP.

Should anyone see the vehicle, they are advised to not go near or touch it. Anyone with information can call 450 662-INFO (4636), and say you are calling about police file LVL 201204 034.