Laval Police officer suspended after spouse’s arrest in narcotics raid

The Laval Police Dept. has suspended a policewoman following a raid to arrest a suspected drug trafficker at a Laval home where she was living with the suspect who is her spouse.

LPD officers were assisting investigators from the Montreal Police Dept.’s organized crime division on Wednesday, when they spotted the policewoman, in her 30s, at the same address as the suspect.

A spokesperson for the Laval Police told media that the officer’s access to LPD facilities has been cut off while an internal investigation takes place. According to reports, the officer has around five years experience.

This unexpected development came about as the Montreal and Laval police were conducting a major raid on Wednesday, in which as many as nine suspects were arrested on alleged drug trafficking and illegal arms possession violations.

During an earlier raid the previous Monday, the LPD arrested three drug trafficking suspects – in their early to late 40s – at two residences in Chomedey and Vimont.

According to reports, the raids resulted in the seizure of more than $95,000 in narcotics, including 300 grams of cocaine, 11,000 tablets of methamphetamine, an unspecified amount of counterfeited Xanax tranquilizers and cash Canadian.