Laval pledges to cut greenhouse gas 33 per cent by 2035

City claims to be far ahead of other municipalities for GHG reduction

The City of Laval has announced that it is pledging to reduce its output of greenhouse gases by 33 per cent by the year 2035.

“I am especially proud to announce a series of ambitious measures that will allow us to significantly reduce our output of greenhouse gases,” Mayor Marc Demers said in a statement.

“From now to 2035, Laval pledges to reduce its output by 33 per cent, which is significant. Our target surpasses even the one proposed by the Paris Accord.”

Meeting a goal

The City of Laval is pledging to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 33 per cent according to a plan going to year 2035.

According to the City of Laval, Laval stands out among virtually all municipalities in Quebec and across Canada as the only city to have made a firm commitment to follow a program designed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

“Political courage means not only announcing an ambitious goal,” said city councillor and executive-committee member responsible for environmental issues Virginie Dufour. “It’s also making sure we reach it. At the City of Laval, we did a sector-by-sector priority analysis which will culminate with the implementation of three five-year plans covering the 2021-2035 period.”

Actions taken

The city says it has taken the following steps to reduce greenhouse gases so far: subsidies and services to companies; subsidies for the purchase of electric bicycles; subsidies to replace oil heating systems and to convert them to electric; household pick-up of old refrigerators; adoption of a plan to adapt to climate changes; creation of several memoirs and participation in consultations on climate change issues; plans for conserving natural areas, urban forests and urban parks and green spaces; a strategy for acquiring natural areas; protection of wetlands of interest in Laval.