Laval issues ‘don’t drink the water’ advisory for streets in Sainte-Dorothée

The City of Laval issued an advisory notice to residents around avenue des Bois, rue Principale and chemin Bord-de-l’Eau, including the Îles-Laval sector, on Tuesday that they should avoid consuming or otherwise using the tap water because of a fire department intervention that may have compromised the underground drinking water system.

According to the city, water being piped to around 500 residences (see map) may be impacted by a measure (not identified by the city) that the fire department took on the morning of Sept. 26.

The city said the advisory applies to domestic pets as well as to humans.

But at the same time, they maintained that health risks to any person or animal who may have consumed tap water this morning before the advisory was issued are minimal, although anyone developing unusual symptoms is invited to call 8-1-1 for medical advice.

The city said the advisory will remain in place until further notice.