Laval executive-committee approves new contracts

Master plan for Nature Centre, better lighting in parks

(TLN) The City of Laval’s executive-committee made a number of decisions during a public meeting it held on April 24. As a result, several Laval streets will be improved and there will be better lighting in two parks.

The committee recommended to city council that it award a $258,693 contract to AECOM Consultants for architectural services involved in the preparation of a master plan for the city’s Nature Centre. The city’s goal is to eventually develop the centre into one of the province’s most notable urban parks.

Bois de la Source

The executive-committee also recommended to council to award a more than $458,000 contract to BC2 Groupe Conseil for the preparation of plans to improve the Bois de la Source wooded area in Fabreville. When eventually completed, the Bois de la Source will include multifunctional pathways integrated into the natural setting, pedestrian walkways, protection of wetlands and the construction of a maple sugar shack facility.

The committee also recommended to city council to award an almost $7 million contract to UNIROC Construction for rehabilitation work to be done on various streets in Laval. The streets include Bazin, de la Victoire, de Medoc, Léon, Donck, Joseph-Prévost, Saint-Luc and 14th. The work will include replacement or rehabilitation of the underground water pipes and rebuilding of the street. Sewers will also be replaced

Better lighting at parks

The executive-committee also recommended the awarding of a $148,038 contact to Ondel for work to improve lighting at Baron Park and Berthiaume-Du Tremblay Park. The company will be furnishing services for the installation of foundations, conducts and lighting fixtures for the project.

The city’s executive-committee is responsible for many of Laval’s most important decisions. The committee is led by Mayor Marc Demers. Its members are Duvernay-Pont Viau councillor Stéphane Boyer (vice-president), Concorde-Bois de Boulogne councilor Sandra Desmeules, Sainte-Dorothée councillor Ray Khalil, Sainte-Rose councillor Virginie Dufour and Auteuil councillor Jocelyne Frédérick-Gauthier.