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The implementation of new traffic lights at Saint Martin Blvd. and 100th Ave., an updated report on Laval’s economic situation during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and special drainage grooves in sidewalks were some of the items the City of Laval’s executive-committee approved during a meeting on Sept. 9.

The executive-committee’s members decided to award a contract for $55,188 (including taxes) to FNX-INNOV to prepare plans and specifications prior to installing a new system of traffic lights next year at the intersection of Saint-Martin Blvd. West and 100th Ave.

Traffic lights at 100th Ave.

According to the city, traffic in the area is currently being managed by a system consisting mostly of stop signs. Considering the growing volume of traffic in the area with more anticipated in the future, the city considers it to be important to improve the current system with traffic lights.

The City of Laval’s economic development department issued a new report on the city’s recent economic performance. The department issues reports several times a year consisting of the principal data compiled on Laval’s economic performance, to which is added a table summarizing yearly economic indicators for the previous five years.

The city says this data provides a picture of the economic health of Laval’s economy, while allowing anyone to follow the progress of the situation. In the current context of COVID-19, says the city, a special issue of the report was created in order to put the impact of the pandemic in context. As such, data from Laval, Quebec and Canada were included in order to provide a full perspective of the situation.

Sidewalks on Albert-Murphy

While dealing with a program for implementing new infrastructure for the management of rainwater, the City of Laval’s engineering department is proceeding with the preparation of plans and specifications for the creation of new drains with shrubs and greenery in sidewalks to be built soon.

The new sidewalks will be created on Albert-Murphy Ave., south of Le Carrefour Blvd., as well as on Berlier St., between Le Corbusier Blvd. and Industriel Blvd.

To do this, the executive-committee members decided to award a contract for $66,247,22 to Englobe Corp. to conduct an environmental condition and geotechnical preliminary study of the soils. This was deemed necessary before the preparation of plans and specifications for the project.

Executive-committee members

The City of Laval’s executive-committee meets each week to make decisions on a variety of issues. The executive-committee includes the following people: Mayor Marc Demers, vice-president Stéphane Boyer (also councillor for Duvernay–Pont-Viau) councillors Sandra Desmeules (Concorde–Bois-de-Boulogne), Ray Khalil (Sainte-Dorothée), Virginie Dufour (Sainte-Rose) and associate members Nicholas Borne (Laval-les-Îles) and Yannick Langlois (L’Orée-des-Bois).