Laval City Hall Watch – May 31 2017

Laval City Hall

Construction of the Lausanne Park Community Center

The City is preparing to tender an offer for public bids for the construction of a park chalet/ community center for Lausanne Park. This project involves the construction of a single level multi-vocational community building with a total surface area of ​​approximately 1,400 m2. The original plans provide a parking area of ​​approximately 80 spaces. The builders are required to achieve a LEED GOLD certification.

The building will address a pressing need for a local sports chalet and will also provide community center locals on the same premises. The project facilities of this new community installation will include changing rooms, multipurpose halls, sanitary facilities, snack area, various adjoining rooms and storage spaces. The budget for this construction has already been approved and is part of the municipality’s infrastructure development program.


Winter park sledding and facility upgrade scheduled for Bigras Park

The executive committee has mandated the its administrators to prepare and tender for public bid a construction project for work on the redevelopment of the park play areas and fortifying and improving the winter sledding slopes at Parc Bigras.

Following public consultations to identify the priorities and needs in the redevelopment project of Bigras Park a consensus expressed by concerned residents was the desire to maintain the existing slopes for winter sledding activities. After review by the appropriate professional consultants it was concluded that improvements were needed to ensure that the facilities and layout of the park were operating safely. As a result, plans are being prepared and the project will soon be presented for public bidding.


Appointment of members of the Agricultural Advisory Committee

According to the provincial agricultural regulations act MRCL-5, the Consultative Agricultural Committee of the Laval region must be composed of eight members appointed by the executive committee, including four members of the municipal council and four members chosen from among local agricultural producers as defined by the act defining local agricultural producers. The producers cannot be members of the council but must reside on the territory they will represent and be included on the list drawn up by the Union des Agricultural Producers. The executive committee has endorsed the following representatives that will sit on of the Consultative Agricultural Committee the next two years. The list of members includes: Ray Khalil, City Councilor and President of the committee; Daniel Hébert City Councilor; Jocelyne Frédéric-Gauthier, City Councilor; Nicholas Borne, City Councilor; Sylvain Cléroux agricultural producer;

Louis Marineau, agricultural producer; Agathe Vaillancourt, agricultural producer and Donald Beaulieu, agricultural producer.



Acquisitions of land

The executive committee has approved and authorized the acquisition of a 7,553-square-meter lot located on the banks of the Mille-Îles River, east of Arthur-Sauvé Boulevard. This area was purchased for the purposes of developing a riverside municipal park. The proposed development will include a public fishing area as well as docking facilities to allow for boat, canoe and kayak launching into the river.

This is part of a concerted effort to develop and expand waterfront access and facilities. Last February acquisitions were made which allow for the expansion of the waterfront park la berge des Goélands (the Gull shoreline). A pathway through the park areas, an access ramp to the water as well as landscape viewing points, ​​observation areas of the fauna and the aquatic flora are planned improvements that are coming as part of this waterfront park development.


Tree planting

The Executive Committee has endorsed a contract for tree planting under its canopy expansion action plan program for 2017-2018-2019. This project is part of the City of Laval’s desire to increase the natural tree canopy. Therefore nearly 1,400 trees will be planted under this contract, and they will mainly be located in the areas parks. A tree canopy is the top portion of a tree composed of branches and leaves or needles. All trees have canopies, and all trees cast shade. However, trees with tall trunks and dense, wide-spreading lateral branches create leaf canopies that can cast enough cooling shade to moderate a local environment often able to reduce temperatures in their shaded area by as much as 10 degrees centigrade. Canopy trees come in different types, from majestic tall evergreen or deciduous trees to smaller trees well-suited to smaller landscapes. Planting of a natural canopy is an environmental friendly development strategy for the beautification and cooling of the cement heat sinks associated with the growing urban sprawl.



New permanent ice rink at Louis-Durocher Park

The members of the executive committee have agreed to the construction of a permanent outdoor ice rink at Louis-Durocher Park. This new facility will be accessible to citizens twelve months a year. The project involves the construction of sturdy wooden boards, oversized galvanized steel fencing, and a lined asphalt surface which will be covered by ice in the winter months but can be used for hockey and lacrosse play during the summer months. City officials are happy to develop local projects like this which can provide services to a large number of sports associations and residents of Laval all year long.


Agreement with the Laval Aquatic Movement

An agreement that has been reached between the city administration and the nonprofit swimming association Laval Aquatic Movement was endorsed by the executive committee. The associations’ mandate involves the planning, coordination and implementation of aquatics courses and activities for all ages in municipal swimming pools in 2017. As a leading regional partner with many years of experience providing aquatic programming to Laval residents the administration of Laval Aquatic Movement has demonstrated that it has the necessary expertise to co-ordinate courses and activities, hiring, supervising and paying staff salaries, supervising teaching staff, promoting and advertising as well as managing the program enrollment process.



Sale of municipal compost

This coming Saturday June 17th 2017 from 8 am to 4 pm the city of Laval will hold its annual compost sale. As the city is expanding its collection of organic waste the compost which results from this waste management is offered to Laval’s residents at a modest price. To procure up to fifteen bags of compost residents only have to present a proof of residency in Laval. Only cash payments are accepted. Location of the activity is the parking lot at 1333 Chomedey Boulevard. It can be accessed via Cardinal Street and the 15 kg compost bags cost $ 2 per unit.

The administrations ultimate goal is to expand the organic waste management service to all buildings of 7 residential units or less in Laval by 2020.The collected material is transported to an industrial composting site.


Watering bylaws to be rigorously enforced

The production of drinking water is a wealth that the administration wants to preserve especially during the summer months. This is why regulations governing water use are in force year-round.

For example, it is prohibited at all times to operate any appliance using water in such a way that it is wasted such as a garden hose without an automatic closing system (gun) or defective air conditioners/pools that leak etc. You cannot allow water from irrigation to run down the street or on neighboring properties or use a garden hose to melt snow

From the 15th of May to 15th of September, it is forbidden to clean the parking areas and sidewalks with a garden hose. Permission to water with automatic (timer) sprinkler systems is permitted from 4:30 am to 6 am every other day according to even and odd addresses on even or odd dates only.

Manual water sprinkler systems can also be operated every other day from 8 pm to midnight. Garden hoses equipped with guns and used to water plants, washing vehicles, windows and walls are permitted at all times.

New landscaping which requires frequent watering is allowed with a purchase of a watering permit at a cost of $26. Watering is then allowed at any time for a period of 15 consecutive days. Obtaining a watering permit is compulsory for new landscaping and is available at the municipal tax counter. While adhering to proper water etiquette is environmentally friendly failure to adhere to municipal regulations can result in fines ranging from $ 100 to $ 1,000 per infraction.