Laval City Hall Watch – June 14 2017

Laval City Hall

Francophone and Francophile Cities of America Network

Members of the executive committee have enthusiastically approved the inclusion of the City of Laval in the Francophone and Francophile Cities of America Network. This organization’s primary aim is to promote tourism and the cultural attractions of its member cities. Since Laval is growing as a touristic destination, the administration believes that aligning its offer with more than 120 member cities of this association will allow it to become better known. It is hoped that the increased notoriety will help vitalize local cultural offerings while promoting exchanges with other French cities and communities which share historically, culturally and linguistically connected history in the Americas.

Rehabilitation of sidewalks

The executive committee has tendered an offer for services via public bidding for a sidewalk rehabilitation project. As part of its Universal Accessibility Plan, the City of Laval has identified area where corrections to existing sidewalks are required to provide ramps for easier access and mobility. This will serve the added purpose of facilitating access to public transportation for people with reduced mobility.

Young Promoters Fund: Creating a Business

The goal of the Young Promoters Fund (CYF) is to help young entrepreneurs aged18-35 years old to either start a business or acquire one. While the global objectives of this fund are to create and or maintain jobs while promoting the economic and social development of Laval it also servers to sensitize future entrepreneurs about business opportunities. On the recommendation of the committee, a grant of $ 7,500 was awarded to Faouzi Younes for the creation of a company specializing in providing training for the maintenance and safe storage of hunting equipment.

Grant for the Petits Chanteurs de Laval Choir

Financial assistance of $ 5,000 was awarded Laval’s children’s choir, Les Petits Chanteurs de Laval. With more than 300 boys and girls aged between 8 and 17, the organization has built an enviable reputation as the largest choir group in Quebec. Since 1981 this Laval organization has promoted and developed the musical talent of local singers, the cultural offerings of its choral presentations as well as showcasing Laval culture on the most important local and international stages. When the administration plays host to a regional economic meeting in 2017, the Petits Chanteurs de Laval will have the honour of performing, showcasing the vivacity of local culture and the development of its young talents.

New Fire Station in Saint-François

The members of the Executive Committee passed a recommendation for city council endorsement of by-law L-12498 approving the project to build fire station number 5 in the Saint-François district and decreeing a loan of $ 8,967,000 for this purpose. The addition of this municipal infrastructure is part of a multi-year investment to improve security services in the region. The new fire station will allow the fire department to deploy ten firemen in response to any occurrence in the area in under ten minutes, a standard suggested by provincial directives.

In addition, considering that the construction project is already part of the triennial investment program (TIP) 2017-2019 with a budget of $ 6,288,400 the executive committee also recommends an amendment to increase the amount to $ 9,296,000, which will also include costs related to professional services, plans and specifications required for the construction and getting the infrastructure operational.

Public Infrastructure projects

The executive committee has presented a motion to city council for approval to award a $15,324,787.97 contract to the firm Eurovia Québec Grand Projet to reconstruct the bridge between l’île Pariseau and l’île Verte (chemin des Trilles) as well as renovation of the infrastructure connecting  l’île Jésus to l’île Bigras via chemin Dupont.

The contract also encompasses road works to rehabilitate the infrastructures on Rue Dupont, between chemin du Bord de l’Eau and the bridge on Île Bigras.

The city issued a call for tenders for the upgrading and redevelopment of the multifunctional promenade pathway along Paradis watercourse (between avenue des Lacasse and avenue Papineau) as well as the infrastructure project to relocate a section of the sanitary sewer system between Marbella Street and Papineau Avenue. Upon review of the bids received the executive committee has awarded the contract to Duroking Construction for $ 1,574,718.87.

The members of the Executive Committee are also soliciting bids through a public call for tenders for professional consulting engineering services for the preparation of plans, project specifications and overseeing services during the major refurbishment of the chalet and swimming pool of Chenier Pool.

Integrated Sustainable Mobility Plan

In the broad directives of the City of Laval’s twenty year strategic vision for 2015-2035, the City wants to redevelop neighborhoods to be healthy, attractive and human friendly environments. To achieve this it is important to ensure effective, active and sustainable mobility. The executive committee has tendered an offer via public bidding for the professional services of consulting engineers to carry out a literature review of existing sustainable neighborhood road networks plans of other administrations. This process is an integral component for the development of Laval’s integrated sustainable mobility plan of action.