Laval City Hall Watch January 25 2017

Laval City Hall Watch - January 25 2017

Laval City Hall Watch January 25 2017

Developing a Parking Strategy and Public Policy

The City of Laval published a public call for tenders for a professional consulting services mandate to help the administration develop a coherent parking policy. The mandate involves diagnosing and describing a portrait of the existing parking realities of Laval and the drafting of a coherent residential and commercial policy and plan of action to better adapt the availability of parking.

This principle objectives of this exercise includes the harmonization and simplification of municipal practices to ensure greater consistency in parking management. Also, the administration recognizes the importance of modulating the availability of public parking based on transit supply. As Laval’s economy is dependent on local commerce efforts will be made to ensure that the parking offer meets the needs of businesses. Also, especially true during the winter months, strategies will be developed to facilitate the parking of residents in densely populated areas.

Free Wi-Fi access on LAVAL’s public wireless network

The City of Laval offers free Wi-Fi access to through its LAVAL Public wireless network in several municipal locations. Free high-speed internet connections can be accessed simply by accepting the terms of use and then users are automatically logged in as no password is required. The municipal locations that provide access to the Internet include; the nine city arenas, all city libraries, local recreational and sports offices BML, the Saint-Louis-de-Montfort Community Center (in multi-purpose halls only), the Laval-des-Rapides Community Center, the Pavillon du Bois-Papineau, Laval Centre de la Nature, Maison des Arts, city hall assembly and the multiservice counter.

City of Laval vies to host The 2020 Quebec Summer Games

The city of Laval has presented a bid to host of the Quebec Games Final in the summer of 2020. Citing its advantages as a city of scale full of resources, high-level infrastructures and above all committed and engaged citizens the administration is calling on public support to help the city win its bid. The mayor himself is asking all Lavaliers to talk up this occasion on social media using #GOLAV2020. Online support can also be registered on Laval’s web page

Deadline for municipal environmental grants for 2016 is January 31st

Laval residents have access to municipal grants for the implementation of certain ecological measures they may have adopted during the course of 2016. There are four grants available to residents for 2016 that have also been renewed for 2017. It is not too late to apply for the 2016 grant.

The purchase of rainwater barrels allows for the recovery of chlorine free temperate water that is perfect for watering the garden and flowerbeds. A grant up to a maximum of $ 70 is available. The purchase of a domestic composter eliminates tons of waste and results in the creation of a natural fertilizer. This purchase is subsidized up to a maximum of $ 50.

Washable cloth diapers are reusable and result in significant financial savings for families as well as a major reduction of the amount of waste sent to landfills. This grant can reach $ 200 for the purchase of a set of 20 units. Eco-friendly toilets commonly known as the low flow toilets save more than 10 liters of water per flush. The subsidy for their purchase and installation varies from $ 60 to $ 75 depending on the type of toilet purchased.

Citizens wishing to apply for a grant for a purchase made between January 1st and December 31st 2016 must send the duly completed form, purchase invoice and required documents to Laval’s Environment service no later than January 31st, 2017. All forms, the list of required documents, and the address to send them are available online at Laval’s website. For more information Laval residents can call 311.

Charging terminal for hybrid drives

In an effort to make Laval’s public transportation greener, the Executive Committee has tabled a recommendation for the approval of the City Council to provide the regions local transport agency (STL) a $ 1,100,000 loan for the acquisition and installation of a charging station for hybrid engines. This will allow the public transportation agency more flexibility in future purchases to renew its public transport fleet with greener hybrid options.

Geotechnical study of the banks of the Milles-ILes River

In the fall of 2016, the City proceeded with a call for tenders to carry out a geotechnical study to assess the stability of the banks of the Milles-Iles River. It should be noted that the banks of the sector concerned, a stretch of approximately 7 kilometers long on the eastern end of Île Jésus between Paré and Buisson streets, are composed of a relatively steep embankment.

A variable height between two to nine meters has been described showing signs of instability in several places. Thus, the members of the Executive Committee awarded Groupe ABS a contract of $ 91,635.08 (taxes included) for the geotechnical study and the formulation of a plan of action to stabilize and support the riverbanks in this area, all in accordance with the conditions of its submission and its specifications.

Measuring traffic safety

Citizens of Laval are often concerned about the speed of vehicles as they roll on the public streets of the city. Often there is a large gap between perceived dangers and actual safety concerns. In order to better assess safety and risk the administration has decided to procure mobile speed displays, traffic analyzers and radar trailers. These systems will be used to determine if a pre-identified area presents a traffic problem as well as to contributing to the City’s open data base whose compilation will aid engineers and experts formulate appropriate traffic flow strategies that are both safe and efficient.

The members of the Executive Committee have therefore agreed to seek public tenders for the procurement of these systems and related services, as well as for the rehabilitation of existing systems. The expected duration of the contract for each of the lots is three years without a renewal option.

Agreement with the Quad Laval ATV club

The Executive Committee has authorized the Quad Laval MTB Club to operate in Laval for the 2016-2017 season, in accordance with By-law L-10620 concerning the use of recreational vehicles and the agreement between the Club and the city. Laval’s legal service also requires that the association holds all necessary legal authorizations allowing club members the right to; circulate on private property or on the property of public bodies (Hydro-Québec, Ministère des Transports du Québec, etc.) concerned, use a bridge crossing a river or a bridge over a highway as well as authorization to allow for the passage of private railway crossings of the various railway companies.

They also approved in principle the site plan 16-SI / 332 prepared by the Engineering Department and showing the route established by the Quad Laval MTB Club on Montée Rouville and part of the Haut-Saint-François range. The agreement also authorizes the Club to arrange and install appropriate traffic signage delineating its routes, particularly as they intersect with public streets and traffic arteries that cross the off road network of trails.