Ghouls welcomed to Saint-Bruno Halloween Party in Lausanne Park

For the 15th consecutive year, Action Laval city councillor for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis held a large outdoor Halloween party on Oct. 31 in Lausanne Park near the centre of his district.

The spooky and ghoulish event drew as many as seven thousand residents, including many children with their parents, from the area.

They were able to have fun entering and passing through a “haunted house” which had been set up, while also being able to walk through a challenging outdoor maze.

The event, like several other community gatherings De Cotis sponsors in Saint-Bruno throughout the year, was supported through sponsorship from several local businesses, rather than funding from the city, he pointed out.

The year’s other events include a Fête de quartier (which raises funds for the Société d’Alzheimer), and a Fête nationale event.

“All of these are done in the spirit of building a sense of belonging to the community,” added De Cotis. “To be of service to the citizens: this is what it’s all about.”