Deloitte moving to Espace Montmorency by early 2023

Project developer Montoni, Groupe Sélection and the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ announced on Thursday that the professional services firm Deloitte will become a tenant at Espace Montmorency beginning in early 2023.

Deloitte’s new Laval offices will be located in Espace Montmorency’s Tower 2, at the corner of Jacques-Tétreault and Lucien-Paiement streets.

As a premier tenant in the largest commercial development project ever in Laval, the company will have its logo installed on the building facade, with visibility from Autoroute 15.

Deloitte joins Groupe Sélection and Montoni, which will both be transferring their head offices to the Espace Montmorency campus, a $450-million, mixed-use urban development consisting of about 10 buildings, as soon as the project is completed in summer 2022.

Espace Montmorency is a $450-million, mixed-use urban development consisting of about 10 buildings in Laval.

Future business tenants at Espace Montmorency will have direct underground access to the building from the Montmorency Métro station, in a strategic location that is near Place Bell, with the advantage for Montreal residents of being able to commute against rush hour traffic.

The multi-tower project, which was launched in June 2019, will be bringing together an array of services, such as an urban spa, a hotel and a wide choice of first-rate restaurants, including chains opening for the first time in Québec.

“We’re very pleased to welcome a premier tenant like Deloitte,” said Groupe Montoni president Dario Montoni. “This confirms the drawing power of this large-scale, innovative project in Laval, a centrepiece of the new downtown. Deloitte will benefit from Espace Montmorency’s multifunctional design and choice location near major arteries, public transportation and knowledge institutions.”

“We are very pleased to offer our employees in the Laval office modern and futuristic workspaces that will be located in the heart of a bustling business area where citizens are enthusiastically looking to build a better community,” said Geneviève Provost, a managing partner with Deloitte for Quebec and the National Capital Region.

“This new bright, flexible and state-of-the-art work environment is an increased investment in our people, which will allow them not only to continue to excel in their work, but also to put their unique skills to use, harness their strengths, and nurture a sense of belonging to a community,” she said.

Located just east of Autoroute 15, between Du Souvenir and De la Concorde West boulevards, next to Place Bell, the project will offer a mix of buildings that will create, according to the developer, “a new city within the city of Laval.”