De Cotis unites with merchants to assist families at Christmas

Ufrüte, Pâtisserie St. Martin and Steak Bleu offering food baskets

Laval city councillor for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis says he joining in an effort with several merchants in his district, including Ufrüte, Pâtisserie St Martin and Steak Bleu, to provide help to families who may be in need over the coming Christmas holiday season.

“They say that to share is to love,” says De Cotis.

A collaborative effort

“During this holiday season, I am happy to announce that I am working with Ufrüte, Pâtisserie St. Martin and Steak Bleu in order to come to the assistance of five families who are in need, De Cotis said. “This time of year is difficult for many people, and the last few months have certainly not helped.”

‘They say that to share is to love,’ says De Cotis

For the entire month of December, a basket of food from Ufrüte, as well as bread and dessert from Pâtisserie St. Martin and a box of steak at Steak Bleu will be offered to a different family each week, and this since Dec. 4.

What’s in the baskets?

The food basket from Ufrüte will include: fruits, vegetables, pasta, tomato sauce and other delicacies. The box of meat from Steak Bleu will contain five different kinds of meat to feed a family for a week. De Cotis says he will personally deliver the baskets. “I sincerely want to thank Ufrüte, Pâtisserie St Martin and Steak Bleu for their generosity and their love for the Laval community,” said De Cotis, adding that residents of Laval can now do their part by supporting local businesses.