Council of Laval Women to develop policy for equality of sexes

Council committee expected to ignite debate with recommendations

Laval city councillor for Souvenir-Labelle Sandra El Helou

The City of Laval’s executive-committee announced on Monday that it is giving a mandate to the Council of Laval Women to produce an opinion to serve as an orientation towards creating a policy for the equality of the sexes.

Recommended actions

Acccording to a statement issued earlier this week by the executive-committee, the mandate will see the council analyzing the various equality policies between women and men in other municipalities and MRCs throughout Quebec.

In the end, the opinion will be accompanied by recommendations on the actions to be taken towards formulating an eventual policy in this matter by the City of Laval.

“I am anxious to read their recommendations,” says Laval city councillor for Souvenir-Labelle Sandra El-Helou. “We want to send a signal that equality between the sexes is not subject to debate in Laval. It’s an obligation.”

Will respond next spring

The executive-committee is expected to receive the recommendations from the Council of Laval Women by the spring of 2021. The Council of Laval Women was founded earlier this year and is made up of 13 women chosen to represent diversity among women in Laval.

The council’s mandate is to study and propose concrete solutions along three axes: adaptability and accessibility to municipal services; the equity of work conditions, access to employment and professional advancement; and the mechanisms and conditions for citizen participation, in order to encourage better representation of women in politics.