City Watch September 2018

City Watch

Laval City Hall
Hôtel de ville de Laval – Laval City Hall. 1 Place du Souvenir, Laval, Québec, Canada.

Financial assistance to the Regroupement du sport in Laval (Sports Laval) and to the Regional Council of Culture of Laval (CRCL)

The executive committee awarded a grant of $ 150,000 to the Regroupement du sport in Laval for the implementation of the program Propulsant l’Espoir for the development of Laval athletes. As the host city of the upcoming 2020 Quebec Games for Quebec athletes the administration is providing added technical assistance, coaching and training in order to afford Laval athletes an opportunity to improve their physical competencies. It is hoped that an improved performance by the Laval delegation will positively reflect on the potential of Québec’s 3rd largest city. In addition the executive committee also approved a maximum grant of $ 40,000 to the Regional Council of Culture of Laval for the realization of the CRCL Local and Regional Consultation project – year 2018. This amount comes from the Fonds de développement des territoires (Territorial Development Funds).

Contract with the Corporation du Center du Sablon

The Executive Committee has agreed to forward a recommendation for city council approval concerning an agreement that was negotiated between the City of Laval and the Corporation du Center du Sablon for the management of activities and services offered at the Center du Sablon community and sports centre. The contract is in effect for a period of five years from January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2022. The administration agrees to subsidize the corporation an amount of $ 175,000 annually for the duration of the agreement.

Center du Sablon’s mission is to provide recreational, sporting, aquatic as well as community and cultural programs, services and activities that benefit Laval residents of all ages. Well established in the community and celebrating its 25th year of operation the community center in the heart of Chomedey welcomes nearly 150,000 people annually.

Agreement with the Secretariat for the Status of Women

The Executive Committee authorized its Department of Culture, Recreation, Sport and Social Development to negotiate the terms of an administrative agreement with the Secretariat for the Status of Women (CWS) of Laval. The convention will be in force for a period of three years and confirms the financial commitment from the City of $ 105,000 in total dispersed as annual grants of $35,000. This funds provided in this agreement will allow the organization to develop and achieve the government orientations and regional objectives for gender equality. More specifically, the 2018-2021 agreement will support the actions and initiatives identified in the Regional Social Development Policy (PRDS) and will also help achieve the Laval 2035 Strategic Vision in which the City clearly expresses its desire to act as a leader in social development for the region.

Creation of green brigades in 10 schools

In order to improve the quantity and quality of recycling in local schools Laval’s executive committee has authorized the municipal administration to submit a request to participate in the Tricentris Improvement of Performance program at the cost of $3,000. Thus in collaboration with the Laval School Board this program will create green brigades in 10 Laval schools. Their objective will be to raise awareness among students and school staff of the importance of recycling as well as provide schools with collection and eco-training facilities and stations.

Installation of no parking signs

In order to facilitate the movement, transportation and parking of Laval residents with a physical disability the executive committee authorizes the installation of signage for parking spaces authorized exclusively for the use of physically handicapped persons. It has agreed to provide such parking restrictions for homes on 819 Eiffel Avenue as well as 1452 Beverley Street. Notices will be distributed to neighbouring addresses in order to inform citizens concerned of the change of signage and new parking restrictions.

Val-des-Brises Interchange

The executive committee has forwarded a recommendation for municipal council approval for the acquisition by municipal expropriation of several lots necessary to allow the construction of the Val-des-Brises interchange and the redevelopment of the streets and adjoining ramps. The recommendation also includes a request for funding in the amount of $3,387,800 (before taxes).

Sale for taxes

The executive committee recommends that municipal council passes an order for the city clerk to proceed with the sale by public auction of buildings listed in the treasurer’s inventory of properties for nonpayment of municipal taxes. The public auction of properties for nonpayment of municipal tax will be held on November 22nd 2018.