City Watch September 12 2018

Laval City Hall
Hôtel de ville de Laval – Laval City Hall. 1 Place du Souvenir, Laval, Québec, Canada.

City Watch September 12 2018.

Acquisitions for conservation purposes

The executive committee authorized the purchase of two lots of  land covering a total area of ​​2,744.1 square meters in the Bois de l’Équerre sector at a cost of $148,000. This purchase is part of the administrations policy to acquire existing natural environments for conservation purposes of Laval’s woodlands and green spaces.

Agreement for services signed with the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship

The executive committee approved the signing of a protocol with the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship to conduct a study to measure the vitality of entrepreneurial development in Laval circa 2018. This study, which is commissioned at a cost of $ 60,000, will allow an examination and a more in-depth analysis of Laval’s economic issues. In order to draw valid conclusions and trends for a specific region, it is necessary to obtain a larger sampling of data for that region. More specifically, the mandate is to survey 700 Laval enterprises and respondents in order to provide a detailed report of the state of affairs of entrepreneurial development for the Laval region.

Start-up Weekend Sponsorship

Start-up Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide a quality educational experience for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. These weekend events focus on action, innovation and education. The courses of Start-up Weekend participants are 50% technical (developers, coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law). This second edition of Start-up Weekend Laval will focus on “Intelligent Mobility”. It will take place from October 19th  to 21st 2018 and will be preceded by an introductory event on September 19th 2018 and will be followed by a post-event session on November 29th 2018. The Executive Committee authorized the payment of a sponsorship of $ 5,000 to the organization Tiers Lieu, Coop de solidarité for the realization of the event.

Simone-Monet-Chartrand Community Center

The members of the executive committee approved Laval’s Urban Planning Advisory Committee’s (Comité consultatif d’urbanisme-CCU)  recommendation to name the new community center that is part of the Val-Martin building/social housing revitalization project. This new municipal infrastructure will be inaugurated as the Simone-Monet-Chartrand community centre highlighting the exceptional contribution to Quebec society of this remarkable woman, especially in women issues and human rights. Ms. Monet-Chartrand’s (1919-1993) whose accomplishments are directly related to the activities of the future community center made honoring her social contributions in this manner a perfect choice.

Grant to Regroupement du sport in Laval

The Executive Committee approved the partnership agreement (2017-2021) between the City of Laval and the ARSEL / CSL Laval Sport Collective regarding the mandates provided for in the financial assistance agreement with the Ministère de l’Éducation, and Higher Education. This provides the organization overseeing regional sporting activities a municipal grant of up to $ 10,000.

Financial assistance for organizations in group and individual sports

The Executive Committee has approved several grants totaling a financial commitment of $ 256,902.34 to organizations involved in the pursuit of team and individual sports for the year 2018. According to its policy of financial assistance in the fields of culture, recreation, sports and social development, the City of Laval provides financial support to sports organizations to help them operate and supervise their activities. This program is intended for regional organizations that support sporting activities at the regional or local level.

Infrastructure Work on Elsa-Triolet Street

The members of the executive committee forwarded a recommendation for city council approval to  award a contract to Eurovia Québec Construction inc. in the amount of $ 363,780.90 (taxes included) for asphalting, sidewalk and lighting installation on part of the rue Elsa-Triolet and part of lot 4 660 780 of the cadastre of Québec conditionally upon receipt of the guarantees required by the tender documents.

Road de-icing salt

Tire tracks on snow

The Executive Committee has forwarded a recommendation for City Council approval to award a contract to Compass Minerals Canada Corp. in the amount of $ 4,340,007.50 including taxes for the supply and transport of road salt (sodium chloride), all in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tender documents of the Union of Municipalities of Canada. Quebec (UMQ). In 2016, the City joined the UMQ in the consolidated purchase of roadway salt for de-icing. The price for the 2018-2019 season is $ 102.02 (plus taxes) per metric ton. For the winter season 2018-2019, consumption is estimated at 37,000 metric tons.

Humor Festival on Highway 15

Autoroute 15 sign.

On April 23 of this year the Mobility and Public Transit Forum was held in Laval at the end of which the group of 19 mayors present adopted a consensus statement in favor of the development of an integrated Laval-Lower Laurentians transportation network. In order to promote this project, many initiatives have been selected, including a five-day mobile Comedy Festival. Five comedians will provide live performances over five days on buses providing transit services along Auto route Highway 15 during rush hour.  The executive committee has granted a financial contribution of $ 10,000 to the MRC Thérèse-de-Blainville to support the realization of this event which promotes one of the major axes of the integrated network namely the establishment of reserved lanes on the Highway 15.

Transfer of 10 vehicles for training purposes

Fire truck, Jaws of Life.

The Executive Committee has authorized the City’s Purchase and Supply Department to cede 10 non-service vehicles to the Laval Fire Department for training in the use of the extrication tongs. Hydraulic rescue tools (commonly called-jaws of life) are used by emergency rescue personnel to assist vehicle extrication of crash victims, as well as other rescues from small spaces. These tools include cutters, spreaders, and rams. Such devices were first used in 1963 as a tool to free race car drivers from their vehicles after crashes. Training of their use will take place in August and September 2018.

Support of the RECRUES Communautaire Laval initiative

The executive committee approved the 2018-2019 partnership agreement between the City of Laval and Laval’s School Board (Commission scolaire de Laval)  to support the RECRUES Communautaire Laval initiative. This initiative (formerly known as Moovjee Communauté Laval) brings together regional leaders from the business and socio-economic development sectors who mentor and accompany a group of young entrepreneurs selected in Laval.