City Watch – November 6th, 2019

News from City of Laval’s executive-committee

City seeks ways to improve building access for disabled

(TLN) During a public meeting held on Oct. 23, the City of Laval’s executive-committee made a number of decisions concerning traffic studies, universal access to municipal buildings and youthful entrepreneurialism.

Traffic studies

The committee, which makes recommendations to city council, asked council to approve a mandate for a traffic studies firm to gather data on behalf of the city’s engineering department in order to work out problems involving traffic lights, bicycle paths and traffic calming.

The contract for $350,616.26 was awarded to WSP Canada for its professional services over the next three years.

Access to buildings

In another decision, the executive-committee awarded a more than $73,000 contract to Société Logique (OSBL) to conduct a study of the overall needs at municipal buildings for providing universal accessibility (wheelchair access, etc.)

The executive-committee also approved a partnership agreement for 2019-2020 with the Commission scolaire de Laval in order to support a program at the school commission that encourages entrepreneurialism among teenage students.

Flooding issues

At the same time, the committee authorized city councillors Nicholas Borne and Ray Khalil to participate in a forum of Quebec municipalities discussing issues related to flooding. It is taking place this week in Quebec City.

Finally, the committee authorized Councillor Virginie Dufour who sits on the executive-committee to take part in a colloquium on the management of recyclable materials taking place in Lévis on Nov. 14.

Laval wins award for best municipal water in Quebec

City now eligible to compete in U.S. water competition

(TLN) On Oct. 23 during the 42nd Symposium on water management organized by the Réseau Environnement, the City of Laval won an award for the high quality of its drinking water.

The prize for best municipal water was awarded by an independent jury for water produced by the City of Laval at its Pont-Viau treatment station. The water station was one of 16 finalists from nine municipalities that competed.

After winning the award, the City of Laval is now eligible to take part in the Best of Best Taste municipal water competition sponsored by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) which is taking place in June 2020.

Quebec’s best water

“We are very proud to have received this prestigious distinction,” said Laval city councillor for Sainte-Rose Virginie Dufour who sits on the executive-committee.

“Our teams spare no efforts when it comes to improving operations and furnishing to the population of Laval water of excellent quality. Over the coming years, we will continue to innovate and refine our practices so that our citizens may continue to benefit from the best municipal water in Quebec.”

During the symposium which brought together nearly 350 stakeholders from the municipal domain for two days, Laval’s three water treatment stations (Pont-Viau, Chomedey and Sainte-Rose) also received a five-star rating. The Sainte-Rose station received it for the 7th consecutive year, while the Pont-Viau station received it for the 5th year.