City Watch – June 12th, 2019

Committee also waives fees for tree cutting after ice storm

Laval executive-committee approves street repair contracts

(TLN) The City of Laval’s executive-committee made several decisions at its May 29 meeting involving contracts for sewers, resurfacing of streets and the cutting of trees following the ice storm in April.

The committee recommended to city council that a $1.4 million contract be awarded to Groupe Solex Inc. for work on sewers and water mains, as well as street and sidewalk reconstruction on Saint-Martin Blvd. Ouest.

The committee also recommended awarding a $953,109 contract to Construction Viatek Inc for street resurfacing work Seventh St., 97th Ave., as well as Devonshire, Dumouchel and Pine avenues, Sainte-Dorothée Blvd., Belle-Rove, Sainte-Hélène and Sherwood, and Anderson, Cardinal, de Val-Brillant, Maria and Miller and Terrasse Germaine.

While the pavement on the streets was judged as needing replacement, the underlying infrastructure, such as sewers and water mains, were not, and so only the repaving is being completed. The executive-committee also dealt with an issue involving the aftermath of the April ice storm. The committee approved the issuing of more than 200 permits to cut down trees free of charge. During the storm, the city waived the fee that is usually charged for tree cutting permits.