City Watch – December 4th, 2019

Members go for ‘zero waste,’ more walkways and bike paths

(TLN) The City of Laval’s executive-committee took a number of decisions during public meetings held on Nov. 13 and 20, including decisions about the multifunctional sports and cultural centre (Place Bell), the volunteer recognition evening and new infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists over the next three years.

During the Nov. 13 meeting, the executive-committee received a statement of finances from the Cité de la culture et du sport de Laval which oversees Place Bell. According to the executive-committee, there were no irregularities in the report completed by an auditor.

‘Zero waste’ planned

The executive-committee decided to accept a recommendation made by city council that the annual volunteers’ banquet be made a “zero waste” event beginning in the year 2020. As such, the city’s culture, leisure, sports and social development service will be mandated to make this a reality in conjunction with the city’s department of environment and eco-citizenship.

During the executive-committee’s Nov. 20 meeting, the members approved a plan by the city to implement a major plan to add 55 kilometres of new sidewalks, bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways and other infrastructure in Laval over the next three years.

The streets affected

The following streets in Laval have been chosen to be part of the plan: Esther St. (between Foster and Dagenais); Panneton St. (between 9th and 12th); Chomedey Blvd. (between CHSLD de Laval and Saint Elzéar West); Daniel Johnson Blvd. (between Jacques Bureau and Saint Elzéar West); La Périère St. (between Montée du Moulin and Tilly); Déry St. (between Romain and Adrien); Bédard St. (between de Trèves and Saint Elzéar East); De Trèves St. (between Bédard and Capitol); Adrien St. (between Déry and du Moulin); De Tilly St. (between du Moulin and la Périère); and Boisvert St. (between de Trèves and Saint Elzéar).

In order to allow this work to go ahead, the executive-committee agreed to hire the services of FNX-INNOV INC. for a contract worth $69,575.90 before taxes.

Parti Laval’s Trottier wins Marc-Aurèle-Fortin by-election

Mouvement lavallois finishes second, Action Laval third

(TLN) In the municipal by-election which took place in the district of Marc-Aurèle-Fortin on Nov. 24, Parti Laval leader Michel Trottier succeeded in winning the seat with more than 35 per cent support.

Mouvement lavallois candidate Bruny Surin came second, Action Laval candidate Francine LeBlanc finished third and Progrès Laval candidate Gabriel Vellone was in last place.

Congratulates winner

“Firstly, I would like to congratulate Michel Trottier for his victory, as well as Bruny Surin and Gabriel Vellone for their campaigns,” said LeBlanc. “It was a very tight fight. I am proud of the positive campaign I made which was in line with my values. I now wish that Mr. Trottier will serve the people of the district with care and that he will be listening to their needs.”

Action Laval interim-leader Archie Cifelli thanked LeBlanc, as well as all the volunteers and team members with Action Laval, for their hard work on the campaign.

Pledges to work harder

“The results are obviously not the ones we were hoping for,” he said. “However, two thirds of the voters rejected the vision of Marc Demers and his followers, and this motivates us to work even harder in order to become the true voice of all people in Laval.

“One thing is certain,” Cifelli continued. “The voters in Marc-Aurèle-Fortin sent a strong message to the mayor, to the effect they no longer want his bad management.” Regarding Trottier, Cifelli added, “We will be watching to make sure he delivers the merchandise and we will continue to vigorously defend the interests of citizens. This is our big priority.”