City of Laval to open its first eco-centre next year

City expects to eventually build three more recycling facilities

During their May city council meeting last week, the members of Laval city council voted in favour of awarding a contract worth $344,465 to the firm Équipe Laurence for the preparation of plans and diagrams to serve in the construction of the city’s first eco-centre, whose opening is scheduled for the fall of 2021.

The centre will be set up on a 30,000 square metre lot located at the corner of Dagenais Blvd. West and Bellerose Blvd. near Auteuil district.

“Thanks to this project, the people of Laval will now have an accessible place to rid themselves of trash that otherwise can’t be put out with the regular garbage, such as household hazardous waste, old computers and appliances,” said Sainte-Rose city councillor Virginie Dufour, who is responsible for environmental issues on the executive-committee.

Many users expected

The City of Laval is anticipating more than 50,000 visits annually to the new eco-centre, while also predicting that 15,000 tons a year of recyclables will be recuperated. The project will involve construction of a main building and an entrance gateway, an access platform, docks for waste containers and parking for employees and visitors.

The opening had initially been scheduled for this year, but was postponed when the city sought out additional tenders and the response from contractors was limited. Over the coming years, the city anticipates building three more eco-centres in locations all over Laval.