City of Laval makes Forbes list of Canada’s Best Employers

Officials with the City of Laval now have at least one more thing they can boast about to colleagues from other municipalities.

On April 11, Forbes Media LLC, which publishes Forbes Magazine on business as well as several prestigious lists of top companies and wealthy individuals, said that Forbes was recognizing the City of Laval “as one of Canada’s Best Employers” in 2022, based on the results of an independent survey.

The city was recognized by Forbes within the category of Government Services, with the following parameters being taken into consideration:

Direct Recommendations (employee willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family), and Indirect Recommendations (employee valuation of other employers in their respective industries).

Action Laval’s Piché and Revelakis say new skateparks coming along

Action Laval city councillors Aglaia Revelakis (Chomedey) and Isabelle Piché (Saint-François) say work is well underway on new skateparks in their districts: at Moulin à Saint-François Park in Saint-François and at the Centre du Sablon in Chomedey.

The two city councillors noted that they had each pledged to build the facilities, to promote healthier living for youth through exercise and physical activity, when they were campaigning for office in the last municipal election.

“The City of Laval still has a lot to do so that our parks become spaces where sports and social activities are up to date, interesting and accessible to all our citizens,” said Revelakis. “Nonetheless, it is projects like this one that give me cause to celebrate,” she added.

“Centre du Sablon and its park are spaces that bring people together, and the imminent opening of this pump track is sure to attract even more youths. I am pleased to see that our youths will be able to enjoy their favourite activity with friends and in their own neighbourhood.”

“I am all for this initiative to offer skateboarders this new dynamic and accessible facility in their neighbourhood,” said Piché. “I am proud that this idea, which I shared with citizens of the Saint-François district during the last elections, is finally taking shape. The enjoyment that these young people will get from these new facilities is the main reason why we are involved in municipal politics.”

STL warns riders to expect service disruptions

The Société de transport de Laval (STL) issued a statement last week, in which they said they were advising transit users to expect service disruptions last week, due to illegal pressure tactics by the bus drivers’ union.

The STL said it condemned “the concerted action to boycott overtime and school route assignments,” while adding that “the STL also regrets the intimidation that some drivers were subjected to following the order to refuse overtime.”

The STL maintained that over a period of three days last week, nearly 450 trips had to be cancelled because of the labour dispute, “which is exceptionally high, and unfortunately left more than 6,000 riders without bus service.”

The transit agency said “these actions violate the safeguard order obtained through Québec’s administrative labour tribunal in November.” The STL said that as a result, it will be taking legal action to stop the pressure tactics.

STL drivers insist city officials should take action

Bus in Laval Qc.

For its part, the union representing Société de transport de Laval (STL) drivers noted that they demonstrated in front of Laval City Hall recently to demand that the mayor and city council provide the STL with necessary mandates to get negotiations back on track and come up with a satisfactory agreement for the employees affected.

“Elected officials must show they really believe in the importance of public transit in Laval,” said Patrick Lafleur, president of CUPE 5959. “This mobilization of drivers is intended to ensure sustainable public transit service in our municipality. Investing in public transit also means investing in employees.”

The union claims that a recent CROP survey in which 473 of the 625 STL bus drivers participated uncovered some notable management deficiencies and serious problems affecting the working environment.