CISSS de Laval offers help to doctors, dentists, pharmacists during COVID-19

The CISSS de Laval’s committee overseeing the health of staff doctors and other professionals has launched a new program to tend to the needs of MDs, dentists and pharmacists in Laval who may be finding they need personal support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the CISSS, three levels of assistance are being offered: Group Peer Support (GPS), one-on-one counselling from a psychiatrist, and ethical guidance, given the difficult life-and-death decisions that many doctors are finding themselves having to make as the coronavirus continues to generate so many fatalities.

A team put together by the CISSS de Laval is made up of doctors, psychologists and ethics specialists. The CISSS has set up several dedicated phone lines for each type of need. Detailed information is available at the following web address:

Martin C. Barry, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter for the Laval News,