Using the Cell Phone in your Car

443.1. Every driver of a road vehicle and every cyclist are prohibited from using a cellular telephone or any other portable device designed to transmit or receive information or to be used for entertainment purposes, or from using a display screen, except in the following cases:

(1)  the driver of the road vehicle uses a hands-free device; or

(2)  the driver of the road vehicle or the cyclist consults the information displayed on a display screen, including that of a portable device, or uses a screen command if the screen

(a displays only such information as is relevant to driving or riding the vehicle or related to the operation of its usual equipment;

(b is integrated into the vehicle or mounted on a bracket, whether detachable or not, attached to the vehicle;

(c is placed so as not to obstruct the driver’s or cyclist’s view, interfere with driving or riding manoeuvres, or prevent the operation of equipment or reduce its efficiency and in a manner that does not present a risk of injury in case of an accident; and

(d is positioned and designed in such a way that the driver of the road vehicle or cyclist can operate and consult it easily.

For the purposes of the first paragraph, the driver of a road vehicle or cyclist who is holding a portable device in hand or in any other manner is presumed to be using the device.

The Government may, by regulation, determine the manner in which this section is to be applied, in particular by defining the meaning of certain expressions. It may also prescribe other exceptions to the prohibitions under this section and other standards applicable to display screens.