Autoroute 15 partly closed nights from July 18 – 29 at St. Jérôme and Mirabel for asphalting

The Quebec Ministry of Transport says there will be partial closings during the night on Autoroute 15 from July 18 – 29 on the approaches to the cities of Saint Jérôme and Mirabel.

Two lanes out of three will be closed in order to carry out asphalting. The ministry says the asphalting work will be taking place near the overpass for Route 158 and near the bridge over the Rivière du Nord.

Motorists heading north on the autoroute will have to travel in the left oncoming traffic lane. The exits for R-158/Route Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier/Mirabel (Saint-Canut)/Sainte-Sophie will be closed on the A-15 headed northward.

The following detour is recommended to take Route 158: Follow A-15 north to the Boulevard du Grand-Héron exit, then retake A-15 southward to exit for R-158/Route Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier/Mirabel (Saint-Canut)/Sainte-Sophie.

Motorists heading south on Autoroute 15 must also remain on the left. The R-158/Route Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier/Mirabel (Saint-Canut)/Sainte-Sophie exit will also be closed on A-15 south.

The following detour to Route 158 is recommended: A-15 south to A-50/R-117/Lachute/Gatineau exit, take A-50 east and get back on A-15 north to R-158/Route Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier/Mirabel (Saint-Canut)/Sainte-Sophie exit.