Aglaia Revelakis wins Chomedey for Action Laval another time

Gains a third term, while outdistancing nearest rival by nearly 30 percentage points

If there is one thing that has been consistent about Action Laval since the municipal party’s inception eight years ago, it is Chomedey city councillor Aglaia Revelakis’s ability to win the district’s Laval city council seat from the very beginning and with overwhelming support.

Won 52.19 % support

Last Sunday’s municipal elections were no exception. Revelakis, who just finished her second term, handily won Chomedey for Action Laval/Team Sophie Trottier with 52.19 per cent support.

She left her closest rivals, Omar Waedh of the Mouvement lavallois and Evangelia Tsakiris of the Parti Laval, far behind with just 22.68 and 21.55 per cent respectively each.

Surrounded by enthusiastic supporters at her Favreau St. campaign headquarters last Sunday evening, re-elected Action Laval city councillor for Chomedey Aglaia Revelakis (centre) won the district with more than 52 per cent voter support. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Newsfirst Multimedia)

Marie-Josée Duval of Laval Citoyens/Équipe Michel Poissant obtained a little more than 3.5 per cent support, laying to rest fears a week before the election that a misprint on the Chomedey voter information card, misidentifying Duval as running for Action Laval, might give her an edge at Revelakis’s expense.

Tireless campaign work

Revelakis was surrounded by volunteers and friends at her campaign headquarters on Favreau St. on election night last Sunday as the returns came in. Even though it was her third straight win, she and her team had worked tirelessly on a door-to-door canvassing campaign over the previous weeks, knowing that no election is ever really easily won.

‘This is the district that pulls Action Laval up’

“I’m excited, but I’ve gotta tell you something,” Gus Milonopoulos, a Revelakis supporter from the start, told the Laval News. “She had supporters, phone callers, errand runners, drivers, you name it.”

An anchor for Action Laval

In an interview last Sunday evening, Revelakis acknowledged that her dominance of Chomedey in every election since 2013 has helped to anchor Action Laval and kept the party viable as a political force, regardless of what happens to their fortunes in the city’s other districts.

“This is the district that pulls Action Laval up,” she said. “I want to thank my team. I had an incredible team behind me. We did all that we had to do in order for us to win. And without my volunteers, I would not have been able to do this. One person could never do this.

Re-elected Chomedey city councillor Aglaia Revelakis (top left) is seen here with supporters watching and commenting on the results as they come in on the City of Laval’s election returns website. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Newsfirst Multimedia)

Getting out the vote

“There has been army of people here today helping from 10 o’clock to eight this evening, making calls, trying to get out the vote,” she continued. “I have been doing continuous door-to-door for five, six hours a day to make sure that I met every single person in my district to ask them for their support.

“So, I would like to thank everybody who has been given me the opportunity to be here and represent Chomedey. Chomedey is always going to be my priority. I love Chomedey and have been living here for more than 30 years.”