Action Laval salutes by-election candidate at annual brunch

Municipal opposition party hopes to form next administration

Action Laval salutes by-election candidate at annual brunch

(TLN) More than 750 Laval residents turned up on Sunday Nov. 3 for Action Laval’s annual brunch event, during which party members and guests had the opportunity to touch base with Francine LeBlanc, who is running for Action Laval in the by-election in the district of Marc-Aurèle-Fortin.

Upcoming by-election

Achille ‘Archie’ Cifelli, president and interim-leader of the party, delivered an address in which he spoke about recent events affecting Action Laval as well as the victory they are hoping for on Sunday Nov. 24.

“This year we are celebrating our unity and our growth,” said Cifelli. “With five new elected representatives, we are now the main opposition in Laval but also the future administration.”

Six elected members

Since earlier this year, Action Laval has been able to count under its umbrella city councillors Paolo Galati, Daniel Hébert, Michel Poissant, David De Cotis and Isabella Tassoni. Chomedey councillor Aglaia Revelakis has been with the party since the beginning.

Cifelli outlined some of Action Laval’s more recent proposals. They include a tax freeze for all, the end of the city’s “blue and white” painted street lines campaign, opposition to dangerous bicycle path layouts, and improvements to snow removal in order to avoid a repeat of the snow removal fiasco last winter.

By-election candidate

At the same time, Cifelli introduced the party’s candidate in Marc-Aurèle-Fortin. “Francine is an exceptional candidate who is a devoted citizen with an exemplary professional background and a longtime resident,” he said. He urged the district’s voters to send a strong message to the Demers administration on election day.

“Enough of the useless expenses, enough of the real-estate fiascos, enough of the sort of bad snow removal we saw last winter,” he said. “With Francine LeBlanc you will have a councillor who really works for you, who listens to you and who will represent you at any cost on city council.”

Volunteers thanked

In conclusion, Action Laval’s interim leader thanked all the members and volunteers “without whom none of this would be possible, from the organization of this brunch to the upcoming electoral victory,” he said.

“Our elected members are doing an extraordinary job, but yours is just as important on a daily basis for the citizens of Laval. Our party consists of people who are proud, devoted and committed to what they do.”