A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated, and Tip Toe Through the Tulips with China

It’s obvious to anyone treating Covid infected patients that those taking up hospital beds and ICU departments are the unvaccinated. Meanwhile, the vaccinated, waiting for urgent surgery, albeit elective, continue to suffer waiting for the un-vaccinated to get vaccinated, to free up beds, relieve pressure on our doctors and nurses, and generally, allow entire hospital teams to return to some sane level of operation. To be clear, ‘elective surgery’ does not mean unnecessary or non-urgent. Early diagnosis of cancer for example, can actually lead to a cure, not a treatment. A delay in kidney replacement causes tiring and disruptive daily dialysis much longer than expected. These unvaccinated are getting priority treatment while needy kids and their parents, wait. The cost of anxiety and potential loss of life, is incalculable. One headline recently read, the ‘unvaccinated are getting better treatment than the vaccinated’. How sad, but true.

In Alberta, I watched Premier Brian Kenney at a news conference say the 17% unvaccinated in his western province, make up 92% of Covid infected hospital patients. And the stats may vary somewhat in each province, but the overwhelming numbers point to the fact, yes, the fact, that those who are responsibly immunized, are having their paid medical and surgical care refused. Dr Edward Les, an Alberta pediatric emergency room physician says their tax paid services are “curtailed by the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Like you, I need a break from elections. But I’m a bit uncomfortable because of ‘a small stone in my shoe’. I noticed that across the country the Conservative vote plunged in Canada’s most Chinese electorates. At least three Conservative candidates in BC, all Asians, were not re-elected. And one of them has spoken out, Kenny Chiu, the defeated incumbent in Canada’s largest Asian electorate, Richmond BC, blaming Chinese agents who used the social media www.wechat. com, to spread misinformation. More to the point, Chinese agents in Canada are messaging lies. Chiu presented a private members bill to form a registry of foreign agents in our country, much like the United States and Australia have already done. He ought to be congratulated, not chastised. He wants an investigation. The Conservatives were the only party prior and during the campaign to push Trudeau to stand up to China. And Canadians expect that.

‘Like you, I need a break from elections’

The Chinese use coal as their primary source of energy. And they are running out. They actually are experiencing an energy crisis. Black outs are everywhere in that country these days. They don’t care about pollution, much less about climate change. Short of resources to feed a hungry nation, they have now partnered with Russia to mine Afghanistan with a giant corporation called China Africa Resources. It’s easy to understand why Russia, China and the Taliban, are just one big happy family.

So why is Justin Trudeau so soft on Asia? Why has this liberal government not yet told China we do not want your military-owned Huawei as part of our 5G grid, the only western country to stall on what should be an obvious decision? The reason is the following. Mr. Trudeau admitted to a CTV question period during his leadership race “Obviously, my family has historical ties with China.” And add to that, the old Liberal party guard “has close and lucrative ties to corporate interests that are deeply invested in trade relations with China” wrote the National Post. Most recently our foreign affairs minister Francois-Philippe Champagne was forced to payoff the $1.2 million dollar balance owing on his house mortgage held by the Bank of China. It’s only a small example of what Canadians know about the relationship our political elite have with China. And it should make it amply clear why Mr. Trudeau tip toes through the tulips with China.

I hope our tax dollars reach those to whom they were intended. A recent federal court decision, awarded $billions to native children who suffered discrimination in the welfare system. It’s fair to continue to ask where all federal funds end up. During the debate Trudeau proudly talked about the billions allocated to natives across the country, but was quickly flagged by the guest native moderator who questioned not the amount, but its minimal results. This year, another 25 billion dollars will be allocated to address native issues, but the question remains if this will reach the people to whom it was intended. Every federal auditor general in recent memory has identified an “incomprehensible failure” of the Indigenous Affairs bureaucracy. There is absolutely no accountability, nor any cap on increased yearly spending as there was under previous governments. No one monitors the results of these enormous expenditures, despite the added abuse and corruption of a few Chiefs. It’s no wonder natives still complain about not having safe drinking water, poor housing and education. There was nothing wrong with our Fiscal Accountability Act, scrapped by Trudeau. Bring it back. Canadians want value for their buck, and need to know where their money is going.

That’s what I’m Thinking.

Robert Vairo