Westbound A-440 to close nights Aug. 11-12 while new overpass ramp is built

The Quebec highways ministry says it wants to inform Autoroute 15 and Autoroute 440 users that construction of an overpass ramp between the two will make it necessary to reconfigure traffic lanes on the westbound A-440 in the coming days.

Laval highway crash leaves 4 dead and 12 injured
A major accident at the A-15/A-440 intersection four years ago, in which four people died, spurred the government to fast-track the creation of a new elevated on-ramp, the construction of which is underway.

A such, the westbound A-440 between Industriel Blvd. and the A-15 will be closed during the night on Aug. 11 and 12.

During the night on Aug. 12 and 13, a single lane of traffic will be open on the westbound A-440 and Exit 24 (Industriel Blvd.) will be closed.

Beginning on Aug. 13 at 5 am, three westbound lanes on the A-440 will be open again, although it won’t be possible to take Exit 24 to get onto the A-440 service road.

Transports Québec recommends that motorists follow the detour signage closely while navigating through the area.

The new access ramp between the A-440 and A-15 is being built partly as a result of a major traffic accident four years ago almost to the day, in which four people died and at least three others suffered major injuries.

While the intersection was known for years as an extremely hazardous point for motorists, especially during rush hours, the provincial government was finally galvanized into taking action by the accident.