Quebec’s CAQ government marks its second year since 2018 election

‘We have respected more than half our commitments,’ says Sainte-Rose MNA Skeete

Noting that over the past few months Quebec and the rest of the world have been overshadowed by COVID-19 which is now going into a second wave, Sainte-Rose CAQ MNA Christopher Skeete says it is more important than ever to follow all the sanitary rules that have been put into place.

Sainte-Rose MNA Skeete pleased with four-year-olds pre-k
Sainte-Rose CAQ MNA Christopher Skeete.

“Despite the enormous challenge with which it is faced, the government has not abandoned Quebecers,” said Skeete. “Far from it, this pragmatic government succeeds in honouring its commitments. However, it must be said that after 15 years of Liberals in power, we are still in catch-up mode in Laval.”

Second anniversary

Marking the anniversary of the CAQ government’s second year since being elected, Skeete said, “Since our arrival to lead this government, we have respected more than half our commitments. In Laval, there was really some catching up to do. The previous governments seem to have ignored the peculiarities of our region in several respects.

My role as the CAQ MNA from here is to make sure that there is no iniquity in matters regarding public finance,” he continued. “On the occasion of this second year of our mandate, I would like to thank once again the citizens of my riding who placed their confidence in me on Oct. 1 2018.” Skeete listed off some of the major accomplishments of the CAQ government over the past year in Laval.

Health and social services

He said the Minister for Senior Citizens and Caregivers, Marguerite Blais, announced that 121 new places will be created in seniors retirement residences, as well as 32 in alternative residences in Laval. He said $476,000 will be invested in the Laval region in order to add to services offered directly to caregivers.

‘I would like to thank once again the citizens of my riding who placed their confidence in me,’ says Skeete


Skeete said financial assistance of $294,460 to improve playground equipment in parks was accorded for eight projects at early childhood care centres in Laval. As well, Minister of Families Mathieu Lacombe had announced the creation of 72 places set aside for parents studying at the les Berges training centre for adults.


Education Minister Jean-François Roberge has granted financial assistance of $102,945,000 to the Centre de services scolaire de Laval for several projects to add schools and classroom space. This includes:

Acquisition of the Cunard building and its restructuring;

Restructuring of the Les Berges building 1 (430 student places);

Restructuring of the Les Berges building 2 (320 student places);

Demolition oft the Pavillon Sainte-Croix and construction of two gymnasiums;

Construction of a new professional training centre in metallurgy.

The Quebec Infrastructure Plan 2020-2030 sets aside nearly $152 million for the construction, enlargement and renovation of schools in the Laval region over that period of time.


Communications and Culture Minister Nathalie Roy has announced financial support of $3.7 million to science and technology museums in Laval. They include the Cosmodôme, the Armand-Frappier Museum, the Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles and the Centre d’interprétation de l’eau.


Transport Minister François Bonnardel has announced the construction of a suspended overpass leading from the fast lanes of Autoroute 440 west towards Autoroute 15 north, which will greatly improve road safety there. The work is largely the result of a major multi-car highway accident near there last year, as well as a long list of collisions over the years.

The minister has also announced investments totalling $121,627,000 in the Laval region for the maintenance and repair of roadways.

Municipal Affairs and Housing

As part of the RénoRégion and Rénovation Québec programs, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Andrée Laforest has granted Laval $429,500$. Skeete also pointed out that the school tax was significantly lowered for many taxpayers across the province by the CAQ government.

As well, he noted that the “family tax” brought in by the Liberal government was eliminatedand a family bonus was added, while Bill 55 changed the statute of limitations with regards to civil suits involving sexual assaults.