Quebec infrastructure legislation Bill 66 gets enthusiastic endorsement from Demers

Following the tabling of the Quebec government’s Bill 66, which proposes among other things to fast-track the extension of the REM light rail train system to Laval, Mayor Marc Demers says he wholeheartedly supports the legislation.

“This draft law will allow several major projects to go ahead, including the extension of the REM towards downtown Laval, and a new axis connecting the two extremities of the city,” Demers said.

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Seen in this file photo, Laval mayor Marc Demers is enthusiastically supporting the CAQ government’s Bill 66, which contains important measures to improve road travel in the Laval region.

Demers pointed out that the proposed legislation contains elements which will allow recommendations that came out of the Forum on mobility and mass transit in Laval-Lower Laurentians in 2018 to be implemented.

Among these were the long-awaited extension of Autoroute 19, the creation of reserved lanes on Autoroutes 15, 440, 640 and 25, as well as a rapid bus service (SRB) on the Concorde/Notre Dame boulevards axis.

“I would encourage all the elected officials in the National Assembly to come to an understanding and rapidly adopt this draft law in order to re-launch the economy,” added Demers.