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Mayor reacts to Quebec’s budget 2024-2025

Reacting to the provincial government’s 2024-2025 budget which was released last week, Mayor Stéphane Boyer could scarcely conceal his disappointment, but insisted the city will continue to pursue its priorities.

Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

“The current financial situation is a difficult one, we are conscious of that, and Quebec had to make choices,” he said in a statement.

“Despite the clear absence of sums identified for our priorities, we intend to continue to push our major axes forward with the government to the benefit of all Laval residents.”

Laval is currently pursuing four priorities: transport and mobility (including the extension of the Metro’s orange line into western Laval); economic innovation and development (which includes a major component to expand Laval’s biotechnology industrial park); housing and social development; and finally additional financial support from Quebec for local media, which includes community newspapers.

Laval donates $25,000 in humanitarian aid to Gaza

As a gesture of solidarity with the people of Gaza, the City of Laval has donated $25,000 to the Canadian Red Cross’s Middle East Humanitarian Crisis Fund in order to support international rescue efforts.

“That which is happening in the Middle East is deeply troubling to me,” Mayor Stéphane Boyer said in a statement. “With this gift, we hope to demonstrate our willingness to help out. Millions of people are impacted by this crisis and it is important to show our support beyond mere words.

“All the assistance will help to alleviate suffering while providing humanitarian assistance to the most people who are in need,” the mayor added. “This testimony to our solidarity is part of a series of recent humanitarian actions, including some sent to Haiti, Ukraine, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Morocco.”

Laval Firemen’s Race set for Sunday June 2

Although the big weekend is months away, City of Laval officials are already preparing for the 12th annual Firemen’s Race, an event that never fails to stir up enthusiasm among people from far and near at the beginning of each summer.

Taking place on Sunday June 2, it promises to be a day of excitement for thousands of runners who will be taking part. During the day, ultramarathoner Manuel Cabral, who is an ambassador for the race, will be making good on a pledge to run 100 kilometres before crossing the finish line.

It’s all to raise funds for the Fondation des pompiers du Québec pour les grands brûlés (FPQGB), an organization which provides support to burn victims.

“Year after year, the Firemen’s Race has generated significant and inspiring anecdotes about exceptional people who came together to raise funds for the burn victims,” says Laval city councillor for Concorde–Bois-de-Boulogne Sandra Desmeules, who is responsible for culture, sports and leisure dossiers on the executive-committee.

“The enthusiasm this race for beginners or seasoned veterans generates reaches far beyond Laval,” she adds. “I congratulate the participants in the race who will be running together on June 2 in support of this worthy cause.”

Those wishing to participate will be able to choose from 1, 2, 5, 10, 21 and 42.2-kilometre trajectories, leading through various scenic areas of Laval.

All participants will be receiving an identifying number patch to be worn on their backs, free warmup exercises, an official T-shirt (for 5-km. and higher participants), a participation medallion, access to the results platform, a snack, and access to a celebration event afterwards.

The finish line will be at the Firemen’s Festival, taking place on the same weekend on the Collège Montmorency outdoor grounds.

Council votes unanimously in favour of Piché CPR motion

Laval city council recently voted unanimously in favour of a slightly amended motion tabled by Action Laval city councillor for Saint-François Isabelle Piché calling for organizations offering services to senior citizens to receive free training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Picture in an article in the Laval News
Saint-François city councillor Isabelle Piché.

A few years ago, Laval city council approved a motion that allowed automated heart defibrillators to be installed at all of the city’s arenas and community centres.

This latest development will allow seniors to acquire knowledge and practical experience in order to be able to intervene in emergency situations involving heart problems.

“I feel certain that this measure will be beneficial to the vast majority of our population,” said Piché. “This is basic training that should be available to everyone.”

Councillor Piché said the idea of facilitating CPR training came to her while contemplating that the population of most cities in Quebec, including Laval, is steadily aging. More than 80,000 residents of Laval (pop. around 445,000) are currently 65 years of age or older.

“This proposal was something that was obvious to support our organizations in the context of their activities with the population,” she added. “The unanimous support for my proposal underscores the underlying correctness of it.”