Liberal Government’s ‘Save the Environment’ Plan a Big Deception

Newsfirst Multimedia political columnist Robert Vairo.

The centerpiece of the Canadian government’s alleged fight against climate change has cracked. Canadians in all regions of our great country now realize that the carbon tax, ruthlessly imposed as a pollution saver, is just an added government revenue stream. And the rest of the government’s ‘save the planet’ heroics have been no more than a distraction or deception.

Two court decisions have now all but crippled the Liberal government’s green plan. First, the Supreme Court ruled that Ottawa has no right to bar provinces from constructing infrastructure projects. The Impact Assessment Act is a collision with economic reality. Just last week, a second blow was dealt, this one relating to the plastics ban. Here, the Federal Court stated that the Liberal government was “unreasonable and unconstitutional” by labeling all plastics toxic. Remember that plastic checkout bags, cutlery, food service ware, stir sticks and straws in Canada were ruled illegal after December 20,2022. Have you noticed that half of the containers in your grocery bag are plastic? The slimy politics of pretending to do something for the environment have been uncovered. So much for the Liberal government’s ‘save the environment’ plan.

We have a need for plastic. Government should work with the plastic industry to find an agreeable way to maintain a sustainable environment.

The panicked liberal decision to freeze the carbon tax only on heating oil and only in the Maritimes removes the veil on government greed for political power. It has triggered demands for the abolition of the tax across Canada. Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe said he will stop collecting the carbon tax for the federal coffers January 1st. In British Columbia, Kevin Falcon, the leader of the Liberal opposition (now called BC United to distance itself from the federal liberals) says he will “cut the provincial carbon tax on all fuels,” if elected next year.

La Société Distincte has its own ‘cap and trade’ system, but the bottom line remains; Québec has the lowest carbon tax of all provinces at .10 cents a liter compared to everyone else’s .14 cents. It perhaps explains perhaps why, so far, there is not a whimper from the Quebec premier. Fearful of the increased PQ popularity, Monsieur Legault is too busy trying to annihilate the English language, culture, and education from Québec.

This carbon tax impacts business and increases the cost of every single item Canadians purchase. Is it even worth it? Canada remains not even in the top ten, but the 111th world polluter ( with a mere 1.5% of world carbon emissions. Canadians are smart enough to realize that they can slow climate change on their own by re-using and recycling. Encouragement and incentives are what’s needed. What we don’t need is government using our dollars to force its green ideology on us to offset our carbon footprint. It is morally wrong to legislate unacceptable and needless added costs to groceries, building supplies, and heating on working families.

Violence and Hatred Remain Unaccountable

There is just no good news around. Hatred and violence remain the order of the day on our streets. It’s ugly. It’s horrific. This kind of inhumanity is not a reflection of the Canada we are used to. How has this happened? Are we different now? Have we changed our values that much? While most political leaders denounce “in the strongest terms”, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre caught my attention in an unfiltered address to the country. He took it a step further by saying that what is targeting Canada’s Jewish community is an importation of violence that we see in some areas of the world. There are individuals amongst us preaching, condoning, and celebrating violence without being arrested and charged. Section 319 of the Canadian criminal code “makes it an offence to wilfully promote hatred against any identifiable group,” punishable by imprisonment up to two years. I am not aware of anyone who has been charged under this section, despite open hatred and violence demonstrated against Canadian Jews.

It’s shameful how politicians and even CBC can’t bring themselves to say the words “killed by Hamas terrorists.” Let’s stop playing political games guided by polls, by treading lightly, trying to avoid offending anyone, or choosing one side only to buy favoritism.

If the information from the source cannot be confirmed, then the United Nations, a third independent party should be allowed in the war theater to establish the truth.

One needn’t be Jewish nor Palestinian to demand news without an agenda, honest reporting. Get it right. Canadians deserve that much.

Demand on food banks in Canada are at a record high

Foodbanks have never seen so many Canadians without the means to afford inflated grocery prices. There were two million at last count. The federal government doesn’t want to, but it would have an immediate effect on prices if the carbon tax was eliminated, at least on food processors and transporters. It is necessary to end the supply management and control in the marketing of egg, poultry and dairy. It will cost the Liberals votes in Québec, but will save Canadians 700 dollars a year on their grocery bills. More competition is cited by the Competition Bureau. Provinces can help too by eliminating the sales tax on numerous grocery shelf items.

There is a record increase in violent retail crime, more often than not committed by accused violent offenders out on bail. As a result, these grocery chain losses are added to the grocery bill. Clearly our woke ‘catch and release’ justice system is not working. It’s causing pain and grief for Canadian families and must stop.