Laval is now in a yellow zone

As of this past Monday, all regions of Quebec have turned to either yellow or green zones with the loosening of many health restrictions. Laval as Montreal is in the yellow zone.

“What a beautiful month of June in Quebec! The weather is nice, the Canadiens are winning,” joked Premier François Legault, at a press conference, adding that the epidemiological situation was stable and the situation continued to improve.

“Since the situation is going well, we are continuing our deconfinement plan,” stated Premier Legault.

Yellow zone

This change means that many sectors in business and social life will be allowed to open further. Most importantly, people will now be allowed to invite people from one other household into their homes, given they respect masking and social distancing.

The government will also allow school graduation ceremonies and proms to move forward as of Jul. 8, given teens have received their first dose of the vaccine for a minimum of two weeks.

A limit of 250 people will apply but social distancing and mask-wearing will not be obligatory and dancing will be permitted.

“Students in orange zones won’t have to wear the mask in the classroom because of the heatwave, but they’ll have to wear it in common areas and buses,” added Premier Legault the day before.

Bars and indoor sports

Maximums in places of worship will also go from 100 people to 250 and weddings and funerals will be permitted to host up to 50 people. Indoor, contactless sports will also be allowed in groups with a maximum of 12 people.

The yellow zone also allows bars to open. Patrons will be allowed to go for a drink inside a bar, given they respect the maximum of the occupants of 2 homes and practice social distancing and masking when moving around. Bar patios are allowed to reopen as of Friday, Jun. 11.

Restaurants will also no longer be restricted to only 2 adults from separate households, rather allowing for the entire occupants of 2 separate homes.

Vaccination running smoothly

As vaccine rollout continues to run smoothly, the government said it feels confident in allowing these relaxations to sanitary measures.

“We’re now one of the best places in the world to have given the first dose,” said Premier Legault, adding that it was thanks to all Quebecers. “You are all showing your solidarity,” he said.

The government’s objective is a 75% rate of inoculation in the population to reach collective immunity. The government also recently announced that it would be forwarding second dose vaccination schedules from 16 weeks to 8. This will allow people to receive their second dose earlier and reach the objective of 75 percent immunity by the end of the summer.