Laval City-Watch

Despite lockdowns and a ban on public gatherings because of COVID-19, the City of Laval’s executive-committee has been busy over the past few weeks making decisions on issues ranging from street reconstruction at the main entrance of Pont-Viau, subsidies to local families for back-to-school, and preliminary work for the reconstruction of the public pool at Chomedey’s Berthiaume-Du Tremblay Park.

Laval City Hall on Souvenir Blvd. in Chomedey.

During their meeting on July 29, the executive-committee members recommended that city council approve a contract to a company that was the lowest bidder for reconstruction work on streets located near the main road entrance to the Pont-Viau district.

Gateway to Pont-Viau

The project is largely the result of extensive consultation the city conducted among residents, with an eye on renewing and embellishing the central entrance to Pont-Viau, including nearby streets such as Talbot Blvd. and Saint-Eusèbe. Green spaces are also being added or enhanced and the location of the Cartier Metro station is also being taken into account in the overall plan.

During the same meeting, the executive-committee recommended a contract worth $2,444,000 be awarded to the street and sidewalk contracting firm Réhabilitation Du O for reconstruction work to be carried out before the year is over on Alton-Goldbloom Place, as well as Romain, Maisonneuve, 52nd, 49th and Edgar streets and Cléroux Blvd.

Subsidies to groups

During another executive-committee meeting held on July 22, the members decided to award a $25,000 subsidy to the Centrale des artistes, and a $5,000 subsidy to the Fondation ressources pour les enfants diabétiques (Fred).

The sums will help the two non-profit organizations provide entertainment and cultural programming to people in Laval living in retirement residences, while also helping pay for a major event known as Quartier Découverte bringing together hundreds of Laval families.

COVID-19 impact

The executive-committee also decided to donate $22,650 from the city’s Fonds Place-du-Souvenir to the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul de Laval as well as the Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval to help them deal with the fallout from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During their July 8 and July 15 meetings, the members of the executive-committee awarded $20,550 in non-recurring subsidies to Loisirs Duvernay St-Vincent to help them with children’s summer day camp. This additional support from the city is creating 30 more spaces for children at the day camp over a period of 10 weeks.

More subsidies

The executive-committee also decided to award a $10,000 subsidy to the Fondation scolaire de Laval. The foundation will be using the money to help pay for several projects that are in line with its mandate, according to the city.

In response to requests made by some residents, the executive-committee has decided to replace a parking area on 81st Ave. in Chomedey previously reserved for taxis by an alternative parking. According to the city, the engineering department conducted an analysis of the situation, and a representative of Coop Taxi Laval confirmed to them that the taxi zone was no longer being used by their drivers.

No more taxi stand on 81st

As such, signage that previously read “Taxi Stand” is being replaced by a new sign that says “Parking forbidden from 8 am to 5 pm Tuesday and Thursday from Oct. 1 to Apr. 30” near 536 81st Ave.

Finally, the executive-committee recommended that a $72,929 contract be awarded to Services EXP in order to carry out a geotechnical study as well as a preliminary environmental character analysis of the ground in Berthiaume-Du Tremblay Park in Chomedey. This is being done prior to the anticipated construction of a new swimming pool, a chalet and a children’s water games area at the park.

Formal recognition

Although the old house is recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications as historical, Laval has yet to formally register it in the city’s database of historically-important places.

During the same executive-committee meeting on Aug. 5, the committee awarded a $152,027 subsidy to the Centre communautaire Val-Martin for the realization of the Ça CLIQ 2020-2023 project. The funds are coming from the city’s Fonds Place-du-Souvenir.

Water and sewer work

The executive-committee also recommended to city council that it award a $5,378,749 contract to Duroking Construction for subterranean rehabilitation work in the Val-Martin neighbourhood. The contract involves the replacement of water pipes and sewers in an area around Notre Dame Blvd., Jarry Blvd. and 75th Ave.

The work will involve building a rain drainage sewer on Notre Dame Blvd., while also replacing the current sewer system there. The work will also involve replacing fire hydrants, sewer openings and service entrances.