Laval cancels tendering for aquatic complex project

Lowest of three bids came in 46 higher than city budgeted

Laval cancels tendering for aquatic complex project


The City of Laval’s executive-committee has announced that a call for tenders that was made for the construction of the Laval aquatic complex, building envelope and other aspects of the future aquatic centre has been cancelled because the lowest of three bids came in 46 per cent higher than the city budgeted.

“We are determined to build an aquatic centre,” Mayor Marc Demers said in a statement. “We are talking about an infrastructure that is necessary for the well-being of Laval residents. On the other hand, we are not going to build it any price. We are aware that this decision will have an impact on the holding of certain events at the 55th finals of the Jeux du Québec in 2020.

Situation being analyzed

“In the greater metropolitan region, we see an increase in the number of work sites, but mostly in their costs,” Demers continued. “Our teams are presently analyzing various scenarios for the concretization of this much anticipated infrastructure. It must be done with respect for our capacity to pay. That is of utmost importance.”

According to the city, measures will be taken to protect the existing foundations for the aquatic centre in view of the approaching winter season. On Oct. 2, city council will be taking up the issue of an expense of $710, 930.75 to pay for the application of a waterproofing membrane on the concrete foundation. However, the city added that this waterproofing work would have been done anyway as part of the regular construction process.