High-end development that will change Laval’s skyline

Promoters of Le Marquise VI unveil Phase 6 of 114-unit condominium project

Laval’s building boom tends to get into one’s face, when one navigates sidewalk-closures. Towering cranes are modifying many neighborhoods, generated by growing urban development and/or an artificially-propped up real-estate market. But for certain, Laval’s experiencing facelifts.

Effervescent vibrant community

Developer Meta Inc./Groupe MONSAP proudly announce the official sales-launch of the 114 units of Le Marquise’s 6th Tower – 15-story prestigious prime-quality residential complex in the heart of downtown Laval. Prospective buyers are offered an environment of enviable quality-of-life, with major advantages of living in an “effervescent, vibrant community”. All this, close to popular entertainment venues – Place Bell and Salle André-Mathieu; at a stone’s throw are first-rate shops, services, and restaurants, strategically located, crossroads of highways 15 and 440.

Rising demand

Demand for condos has risen dramatically in the past decade. Condominiums are seen as great real-estate options, offering maintenance-free-lifestyle, affordability, and reliable first-home/investment property. Buyers – single, married, and/or families – are attracted to this type of living which responds to their lifestyle, needs and aspirations.

Condo projects are popping up everywhere in Laval and beyond – city-center, inner-city, surrounding communities. The market is hot. Realtors point to solid reasons behind the boom. Developers are not building just for today but for future demand.

Condo projects take several years to develop. Planning, designing, and financing take time, and it’s difficult for condo developers to stop and start on economic swings in our city’s boombust economy. But regardless, for young professionals and couples, condos, have become ideal start-ups or permanent homes; for retirees, it’s convenience.

Le Marquise VI is the perfect fit for discriminating tastes in high-end options. It offering desired amenities such as gymnasium, swimming pool, a spectacular entrance exuding luxury and freedom, exterior green spaces, community garden, interior parking.

It’s become trendy to buy condos. Cultural changes come from unusual places, and Laval is no exception; the city is an exquisite example of what’s present and future. In today’s market, millennials want location and boomers want luxury. Both want condos.

Laval up-and-rising

Laval welcomes these magnificent, luxurious projects, signs of a growing economy, maybe not back to boom times, but toward sustained growth. More proof that Laval is up-and-rising, attracting people from all walks of life, boding well for the future.

Lifestyle means different things to different people. Cash paid must match product. Condos are often similar in design and price, appealing to similar demographics, except this time it’s different. Spectacular layouts, elegant gourmet-kitchens, spacious baths, and more world-class amenities in beautifully-kept, convenient-setting right here in Laval. Inner-city lifestyle – theatre, restaurants, and cafés -appeals to culture vultures.

Le Marquise VI targets preferences and desires of the most discriminating tastes, embedding these perks into their condos. Those who want an urban lifestyle surrounded suburban living, with easy access to a world-class city and a cosmopolitan ambiance will not be disappointed in what they pay for.