Deadly Laval bus crash driver’s case postponed to June 13

Although psychiatrists from Montreal’s Pinel Institute tabled a report earlier this week on the mental state of the STL bus driver who crashed into a Sainte-Rose daycare in February, his lawyers asked for a postponement of court proceedings until June 13 so they can evaluate the report’s contents.

Both the prosecution and the defence told a judge at the Palais de Justice de Laval on Saint-Martin Blvd. last Wednesday that they had only received the 22-page report that morning.

An aerial view of the bus crash on the morning of Wednesday Feb. 8. (Screenshot courtesy of Nouvelles TVA)

The driver, Pierre Ny St-Amand, 51, was previously judged fit to stand trial, although his lawyer requested a second assessment to evaluate criminal responsibility, arguing that a medical concept of criminal responsibility is not the same as a legal one.

Two four-year-olds, Maeva David and Jacob Gauthier, were killed in the Feb. 8 crash, which made national and international news, while six other children were injured.