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Renewal of the “Read with me” children’s summer reading program

The Executive Committee approved the renewal of the sixth edition of a literary program it sponsors to bring reading pleasure to children during summer months. The organization “Read with Me” will promote activities that will target young Lavallers aged from birth to 12 years of age. The literary events will be held at various locations including outdoor forums and park. The objective is to prioritize clientele which normally has limited access to reading materials or due to lack of physical proximity easy access to library services.

Four programs are provided for the consumption of Laval’s youngest readers. Outdoor park settings, kiosks, tents are set up to bring books to young first readers in the “Tent to read” program for children up to five years old. “Lily with me in the street” serving the age group of 6-12 year olds, “Jersey Tales” offering reading for the up to 9 year old groups and Games Tent geared for 6-12 year olds round out the offerings which introduce young people to the pleasures of reading. An amount of $68,183 was approved by the executive to pay for the services provided by the agency “Read with me”.

“There is nothing more beautiful than to see our young Laval residents read, laugh and be amazed by the literature. That is why we wish to contribute to their cultural awakening, even around a pool or playground, “reasoned the mayor, Marc Demers. For more information visit and or contact your local municipal recreational and sport offices (BMLs) or libraries.

Laval City Hall sign.
Laval City Hall sign.

Grant of $ 50,000 to the Independent Music Festival Diapason

The grant will allow the association “Central Artists”, original founder and organizer of the event, to consolidate programming and increase the visibility of the 8th edition of the festival. This year’s concerts and shows will play from July 7th to 10th. The performances  will be hosted at several Laval locations including; Bagel Sainte-Rose on196 Boulevard Sainte-Rose, Bibliothèque Sylvain-Garneau on 187 Boulevard Sainte-Rose, Église Sainte-Rose-de-Lima on 219 Boulevard Sainte-Rose and La berge des Baigneurs on13, rue Hotte Laval.

The Independent Music Festival Diapason (FMIDs) is a means to showcasew alternative music talent originating from the Laval region. To promote the region and spread its appeal the festival invites local artists, as well as national and international musicians. The happening with its diverse settings from intimate bistros to outdoor venues brings together emerging artists with established acts, transforming the vibe, feel and excitement into a true festival event.

“Laval is proud to support this festival which is getting national level recognition,” said Mayor Demers. Moreover, the Central Artists association was awarded the Dunamis prize for local economic development by Laval’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Management Alain-Grandbois Centre

The Executive Committee members have extended the service contract of the Historical and Genealogical Society of l’île Jesus (SHGIJ) for the management of the Alain-Grandbois Reference Archives Centre. This is a four-year agreement. The society will receive $ 40,126.99 for the operating costs of the centre in 2016 with the mandate to provide free Internet access and services to citizens on site, continued development of the history and genealogy collection and archive materials. Also the centre must provide printing and copying services on site.

A $ 40,000 grant to support the Laval Beer Festival

Emphasizing the need for increased visibility and the entrepreneurial focus of the organizers, the executive committee has earmarked a grant of $ 40,000 for the second edition of the Laval Beer Festival. The investment in this business plan promises to continue to develop and grow an event which showcases beer products of over 40 Quebec microbreweries. This year’s second edition will be held from July 15th to 17th at Laval’s Nature Park. In 2015 nearly 14 000 festival-goers, sixty percent who came from Laval discovered the unique tastes and offerings of local Quebec microbreweries. The grant will help the organizers to increase their visibility, to improve their musical programming and enrich family area settings and activities.

Grant for the 4th Annual Concert for the Future TD

Financial assistance of $ 10,000 was given to the “Fondation Droit au Talent” a musically oriented foundation to help defray the costs of organizing the 4th Annual Concert for the Future TD which will be held May 29th 2016. This fundraising event supports the Arts Education program of the Laval School Board which promotes access to music education and excellence from primary school years throughout High School. The generosity of donors to the Foundation allows access to the excellence of the arts education program for all children without regard to the financial capacity of families. The foundation has already spent thousands of dollars equipping schools with necessary musical instruments.

This year’s concert will highlight the voice of the soprano Marie-Josée Lord who is the featured act at the Ste-Rose Laval Church concert. The benefit will bring together onstage as many as a hundred students of the musical program of the Commission Scolaire de Laval and their teachers. The Concert for the Future – TD 2016 edition will also host the conductor of the LSO Alain Trudel and the famous violinist Angèle Dubeau. Tickets for the Concert for the Future TD – 2016 are now available by mail (online forms) or at the ticket office of the Salle André-Mathieu Theatre.

Accessibility of disabled persons in the Maison des Arts Hall in Laval

The Executive Committee accepted the publication of two public tenders for the professional services of architects and consulting engineers for the preparation of plans and specifications of tender documents and for the supervision of construction works for a project to improve accessibility to Laval’s Maison des Arts cultural, art exposition and concert hall.

“This cultural hallmark already celebrating its 30th year of activity should be accessible to all Laval citizens,” cited Mayor Demers who also explained, “We need to identify issues of universal accessibility to outdoor areas and indoor spaces and correct problematic situations for persons of reduced mobility.” The money for this project was part of the three year infrastructure program budget covering the 2016 to 2018 period.

 Grant Program for various Laval Organizations

The Laval executive has awarded the following grants to non-profit sports, cultural corporations, foundations and organizations providing services in Laval in 2016.

The “Regroupement du sport à Laval” ARSEL/CSL is responsible for the coordination and programming activities related to sports and the development of Laval athletes. They will receive a grant of $ 82,900 The Armand-Frappier University Foundation’s Program for INRS student research 2015-2016 Excellence Awards will be allotted a sum of $ 15,000.

The Montmorency Fencing Club will receive a sum of $5000 to organize and host the Wheelchair World Cup of Fencing competition. The Theatre Bluff  group is gifted a Grant of $2500 to held it increase its international visibility and exposure while the Water Interpretation Center will get $2000 to help defray the costs of its fundraiser.

The Figure Skating Club of Laval will receive an amount of $1,000 to help defray the costs of the participation of fifty youths in the annual Ice Show review.

DIRA-Laval is a non-profit organization dedicated to combat abuse, violence and neglect of the elderly and they will be gifted an amount of $ 1,000 as part of their annual fund raiser benefit. Also a sum of $500 has been set aside for both the Vimont-Auteuil association to help celebrate its 30th anniversary of the organization as well as the lawn bowling club Laval Voisins for their activities.