CAQ candidates meet and greet at Fête de la Famille

From the left, five of the six Laval CAQ candidates at the Fête de la Famille last Sunday: Alice Abou-Khalil (Fabre), Céline Haytayan, (Laval-des-Rapides), Julie Séïde, (Mille-Îles), Valérie Schmaltz (Vimont), and Christopher Skeete (Sainte-Rose). Missing from photo: George Platanitis, the CAQ’s Chomedey candidate.

With a provincial election set to take place on Oct. 3, party candidates were out to meet the people at Laval’s Centre de la Nature during the Fête de la Famille last weekend.

Among them were five of the six candidates running in Laval for the Coalition Avenir Québec, including incumbent Sainte-Rose MNA Christopher Skeete.

“Really just like them, we’re family people and most of us I believe have kids,” Skeete said regarding the CAQ’s slate of Laval candidates. “For me, celebrating families is all about recognizing the thing that makes Quebec special.

“In Quebec we have subsidized daycare that allows women to leave the home and pursue their careers,” he added. “So, we’re just out here to meet everyone and get a sense of what’s important to them, and let them know what we’re offering in this next election.”